Motivational Thread 2/2-2/8 Choose to Lose

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Hello everyone. Sorry I've been gone for a few days. Only had time to log my food it's are busy week at work and snowstorms UGH! Enjoyed catching up on everyone's posts this week. Seems like lots of us struggled this week, but I like Debbie's suggestion to change our attitude and visualize a thinner, healther me. I'm going to try that when I am tempted. I started saying things to myself like, I will look better in my clothes that that candy or cookie will taste.

Vicky - I think it is important not to give up everything but to learn control so great job on the two slices of pizza instead of six. I find if I deprive myself to much then I give up and binge out which is even worse.

Roxy - hope you got out and danced!

Mike- lol on the gym membership. I paid for over a year and never went. I finally cancelled my subscription and started walking outside. Can't wait for Spring when I can get outside, but have started doing some inside so I will be able to get going when the weather cooperates.

Lisa - it is hard to pass up the fast food. It is just so quick and easy. I too find it easier to resist if I have good food available at home. I rely on a lot of frozen dinners and veggies - they may not be the healthiest but for me at least a better choice than fast food.

Libby - we have been snowed in here too - so depressing this week. Spring can't get here fast enought for me.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend - this is usually where I struggle but so want to keep my goals in sight today and tomorrow.
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Well, it wasn't the best day but it wasn't the worst. I tracked, and that was the first day in 5.5 weeks (basically, since restarting), that my calories in have been greater than my calories out. It's okay. It happens sometimes.
I got the the show last night and the band had already finished. Apparently the place only paid them enough for one set, so they played only one set. So, no dancing for me! I did get to visit with my aunt and have a nice relaxing hot tub, and a good sleep. Today I am back on track. I feel too low energy to get much exercise but I will at least drink lots of water and portion control.
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Soooo quiet around here on the weekends! Hope everyone is resting up and getting ready for another successful week! This is the first weekend in a very long time that I've been on track. Cutting out alcohol makes the rest easy! Hard to exercise the morning after....hunger radar goes up when I determination goes down. I'm feeling confident and positive this fine Sunday morning

Lynda - I really think this visualisation thing will help! I already feel more confident and stronger in not only my fitness goals, but just life in general. It's funny where this visualisation has taken me. When I first thought about what I could visualize that would motivate me...of course I went to me in a bikini on the beach feelin' fine But when I started to focus in, my thoughts and visions soon drifted to simpler things like being on a bike ride with my family and looking not only toned and taught in my clothes...but looing very happy and free as well. I'm so darned determined to make this happen...again!

Roxy - You're a incredible that you managed 5.5 weeks without going over! Wow! Impressive! Glad you're not letting one day determine your next. Keep up the great work! Glad you had what sounds like a nice restful evening.

ohelp - Any miles in your near future? I'm planning a workout for later in the day...but man is my hamstrings and glutes sore from yesterday! Will make for an interesting workout today!

Libby - How you doin'? Hope you had another good day yesterday and another good one to come today! We just got need to build up that momentum...several good days in a row...then ride that wave! Hope you're doing well

Lisa - How you doin'? How is the frustration level? Don't let that jump on the scale deter you. A jump like that can only mean water weight. Stick to the 1700 if that was working for you and I agree, 2000 should be a maintain if 1700 is your lose range. Momentum is what we all need (those of us who are struggling at the moment) to get going again and keep going!

Now for the rest of the fitday are ya'll doing? Hope your having a fantastic weekend!

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Yesterday was ok but ate very little during the day so splurged some last night. Had some fried food at our club and two drinks but even loggin them only was over by about 300 calories since I had not eaten earlier in the day. Still not healthy food but a fun night out so all in all not too bad.

Today I am making a big pot of 15 bean soup loaded with low cal veggies and ground turkey. I plan on having this for my main meal all week. It helps when I have something premade and it is very filling and healthy.

Debbie- thanks so much for all the encouragement. I don't think I will ever be in a bikini- lol but want to lose so I feel better and can do things with my family. Good idea to visualize being active and able to participate in activities. I usually sit out because I am unable physically and I don't want that anymore. I want to be active with my friends and family.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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I had a great non-scale victory this weekend. For years I've not been able to touch my toes but last night I was stretching and decided to try again--I MADE IT--I was able to touch my toes! And today I've touched them twice just to celebrate! Vicki
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