NEW GIRL ON THE BLOCK (need some advise)

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Arrow NEW GIRL ON THE BLOCK (need some advise)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jillian and I am 28 (in a few days) and I am on a weight loss journey! I am 5'6 and 180lbs hoping to get down to 140lbs! With some tightening and toning in there too!

I just came from the gym tonight and got signed up to start! And would like to pair it with this website to gain motivation and share my story with like minded people.

I am sure you have all scoured the web looking for tips, foods to eat, exercises to do and so on. There is a lot of reading between lines and the bottom fact you have to burn more than you consume. I get that

BUT here is my problem: I AM A GOODIE MONSTER LOL

I don't like many vegetables at all, mainly I like peppers and onions.. and the obvious potatoes. So not a huge horizon and I cant seem to like any others.

Fruit is another limited category... I like raspberries and blackberries... That's about it... However I do like smoothies with a variety of flavors from Booster Juice just can't recreate them at home (they never taste right)

So I know to be successful on this journey I need to open up a bit on the food zone.

Does the frozen "healthy" meals make a difference? What things can I make that I won't loose flavor?

Thank you everyone! xo
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Hi, Jillian. I know what you mean about not liking many fruits and vegetables. I also have a very hard time with them. It's not so much that I don't like them...I hate preparing them, and I don't like many of them plain. My biggest concern was that I wasn't getting enough nutrients or fiber.

I don't follow the Atkin's program, but I do love the Chocolate Royale shake, and I mix it with a cup of milk to balance out the flavor. For me (and I'm not a pro so take this for what it's worth) I have found that I can still be healthy without a lot of fruits and vegetables because I am getting those missing vitamins and minerals and fiber through a daily multivitamin and the shakes have a lot of protein and fiber.

Also, maybe you could experiment with trying new recipes that include fruits or vegetables? What is it that you don't like about them? Berries are very good for you, so def keep eating those! If you're not on Pinterest you should check it out. It is the most amazing free cookbook on the planet. You can put in key words like vegetable recipes or something and see what pops up. Or, you can browse through the Food & Drink category and see if anything looks appealing. I love Pinterest and would be lost without it.

I am also a "Goodie Monster"! I have a very hard time saying no to myself, and not only saying no, but also not eating all of everything! When I'm doing well and keeping on track I allow myself to have those things I love, but just in moderation. I stick to one serving (weighed & measured so it is in fact one serving...not "about" one serving).

Basically I have found that when I am on track, I can lose a fair amount of weight relatively quickly just by making sure that I'm consuming less than I burn, with or with fruits and vegetables. So maybe think about trying some different meal shakes to supplement and think about a daily vitamin.
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