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Mern 08-18-2014 02:53 PM

Motivational Thread August 18-24 Let's Really Try Hard This Week!
Today is my grandkids' second last day of summer vacation from school and I'm not sure if they'll be here tomorrow. I'm taking them to a buffet restaurant for lunch where I can eat on plan.

Goals this week same as usual
Calories 1400-1500
Log all my food
Stay within my recommended nutritional guidelines
Exercise 5 days still working up to 30 minutes per session
64 oz. water

Wishing everyone a productive day! :)

rainbow24 08-18-2014 03:37 PM

Enjoy your time with the grandkids, Mern.

Now that I have dinners worked out, it is time to look at lunches. So an actual goal would be to establish a soaking jar for soaking legumes each night. I have a variety. White beans, chili beans, black-eyed beans, lima beans, green or red lentils, and a soup mix. The lentils are for emergencies, in case I forget, although I have a great fake tomato sauce recipe for lentils.

New checklist:
1. Lunch with a friend on Wednesday
2. Writer's group on Wednesday evening
3. Planning meeting at an unknown time and date
4. Write a swimming scene for my story
5. Write out the recipes I use this week (Only if they taste good)
Things that come naturally but I need to watch:
1. Water intake
2. Sodium intake
1. Walk
2. Soak beans
3. Mow lawn
Walked 1 mile before breakfast, my water bottle is filled, and sodium is already under control with the chickpeas soaking.
Breakfast - Flax Pancakes with fruit syrup
Lawn - 1000 sq. ft. in 30 minutes & Farm - took a load of recyclables to transfer station
Lunch - Leftover Curry, rice, and vegetables with chickpeas
2.2L water finished before dinner. That mean I can have tea this evening. I think Chocolate Mint
Dinner - Ground beef with zucchini, fresh basil, and cilantro on a bed of low sodium chai noodles, and I allowed myself 1/4 cup grated cheese

taubele 08-18-2014 05:37 PM

Hi everyone!

I didn't get to check in this weekend as I couldn't really get to the computer (we were out, enjoying the gorgeous weather) but I'm not proud of it. There was a lot of beer and WAY TOO MUCH dairy. I didn't do my usual Monday morning weight in because I know it's going to look awful :) However, I am just going to say I had a good time - moving on now!

For this week, I'm upping my goals a little bit. I've dipped a toe in the water, and now it's time to jump in:

1) Water 64 oz. daily
2) Log everything and post total daily/weekly calories. Try to keep it under 1,500 daily.
3) Cardio M, W, F - either DVD 40 mins., or 40 mins on elliptical.
4) Strength training Saturday
5) Protein above 20% of calories daily
6) In bed by 11:00 every night (my sleep has been VERY wonky).

This week starts the beginning of my TRULY working again - lots of meetings and class prep (classes start next Monday) and I need to get my butt back into working on a normal schedule rather than merely in the afternoons after today. It'll be good for me though - I do well when my days are full and scheduled. I tend to go one way or the other - completely occupied or completely lazy. That all-or-nothing mentality Debbie talks about, maybe! :)

Let's have a great week everyone!


beccafries 08-18-2014 09:57 PM

OmG we had a BIG luncheon at work....I showed OUT bigtime :p
I gotta get back on in......

taubele 08-19-2014 02:29 AM

Thread is quiet today!

Mern: Hope you had fun with the grandkids!

Annette: What does soaking the legumes net you? Lower sodium?

Becca: Haha, that will be me tomorrow!!! Looking forward to seeing you have a great week :)

As for me:

I had a pretty good day today - protein was lower than I wanted, but that was because I had cereal for breakfast instead of my normal higher-protein breakfast, so that's okay. I was close to 1,500 with the calories, not bad for a first day back logging. I also got to the gym today, although it was very crowded and therefore hot in that little room. I had to take a break to cool down in the midst of my workout, but I did log a total of 40 minutes on the machine.

Tomorrow, all of my meals will be on the college, so I will do my best to make very good choices. I probably won't be able to log until the evening (my phone isn't covered by the FitDay app), so I might not know if it's a runaway train before it gets off the track. But! I will try not to run away with anything to begin with. Breakfast will be "continental" so there will probably be a form of some fruit salad, or I could eat some Greek yogurt before I even go, which might be better. Lunch will likely be sandwiches; dinner is the wildcard. I think I can hopefully keep it under control, and I will have a notepad app on my phone so I can write down what I eat! Check in with you all late, have a lovely evening :)

1) Water 64 oz. daily M: yes
2) Log everything and post total daily/weekly calories. Try to keep it under 1,500 daily. M: yes, 1,537 (close)
3) Cardio M, W, F - either DVD 40 mins., or 40 mins on elliptical. M: 40 mins elliptical
4) Strength training Saturday M-F: N/A
5) Protein above 20% of calories daily M: 18%
6) In bed by 11:00 every night (my sleep has been VERY wonky). M: I will
7) ADDED GOAL: Weigh in on Friday M-Th: N/A


rainbow24 08-19-2014 05:10 AM

Yes, Terri.

Dried beans and peas need to be soaked overnight. Only lentils cook up quick without soaking. Otherwise you can buy canned beans, but they are canned in a brine that is very high salt. Even after rinsing them under running water for several minutes, they are still salty.
I discovered that 1/2 cup beans is enough for two lunches. Tomorrow it is quinoa, beans, and cucumbers for lunch.

JediMindTricks 08-19-2014 06:11 AM

UGH. That is all I have to say for myself.

JediMindTricks 08-19-2014 06:19 AM

Mern, hope you enjoyed your time with the g'kids.

Terri, Sounds like you had a pretty good day. i hope they offer you good choices tomorrow.

Annette, I regularly eat too much sodium. I always rinse my canned beans, but I didn't realize they still carry a lot of sodium. Maybe I will have to try soaking. That requires planning ahead, though, and I usually haven't decided what to make for dinner until it's dinner time. Thanks for the idea.

Becca, just jump right back on track. (So says I who cannot control herself anymore.)

rainbow24 08-19-2014 03:15 PM

Janai - I usually don't like planning ahead either, but I have a few rules to follow. Salt is one, getting my fruits and vegetables is another, fish twice a week, and daily legumes are recommended. Normally I would have just used canned, but salt is an issue.

I have a bunch of recipes already because my granddaughter has allergies. We altered our cooking for her years ago. She was in grade 2 when we got the first official diagnosis, but we knew from birth that she had problems. She is 18 now.

I skipped the walk today because I want to mow another patch of grass and recycle like yesterday. Today I also intend to clean up some of the mess left in the shavings shed at the farm. We need the space for equipment. I also need to go grocery shopping.

I might have done too much yesterday because I was struggling with a little chest pain last night. Angina is the proper name. It might have been brought on by a bit of stress as well. My two oldest daughters got in an argument yesterday and I got to hear about it second hand. The gist of it is that one felt that I was overstating how serious my heart attack was. The other daughter felt that she was just worried that someone was stealing her "illness" thunder. That daughter has epilepsy that is not under control. It should be under control, but she subconsciously continues habits that trigger the seizures.

Resting time will be spent writing. Today it is a wedding and reception for the sister of the two main male characters. I love planning weddings that don't cost me anything. I need a Faroese tradition, a Belize tradition, and a few North American traditions.

Breakfast - egg with mushroom and tomato

Lunch - chickpeas with quinoa and cucumber

Dinner - Pork night with a German flair, so potato pancakes, root vegetables, and wholegrain caraway muffins

rainbow24 08-19-2014 03:42 PM

Forgot to say that I lost two more decimal points on the scale today.

MossStar 08-19-2014 04:12 PM

I’ll join in. I am back with a vengeance, trying to lose 50 Lbs.

This week reducing sugar…no sugar in decaf tea or Green tea.

-No Coffee this week, causes craving for sweets.

-Walking an hour after work 3-4 days this week, I will power walk. I always pick the hottest week to start walking.:eek:

-No fast food, no candy or pastries and the hardest part of all, no donut on Friday. :mad:

Good Luck Everyone!!!

rainbow24 08-19-2014 04:35 PM

Way to go, MossStar. There should be buttons for that.

Donut Free

My cardiologist put me on a low-fat, low-sodium diet. My naturopath told me that low-sugar is more imporatant that cutting the fat. But he also agreed that I should switch to healthier fats.

Cutting your sugar is a good choice. :D

beccafries 08-20-2014 12:20 AM

Jenai, Im gonna try and do better the rest of the week

Annette, yes sodium gets me too...I didn't know that about beans even
if you rinse them still high sodium

Terri, how was your luncheon today :D

rainbow24 08-20-2014 02:21 AM

Becca, I bought dry beans and peas. Any salt added is only added by me, which amounts to none. I bought no-salt canned tomatoes so I can make homemade baked beans.

taubele 08-20-2014 11:42 AM

Annette: Thanks! We honestly usually buy the canned beans. Like Jenai, I wash them off, but maybe I should try buying the dry ones! It's cheaper, too. A lot of the recipes I work with in the slow cooker ask for the canned beans - do you or anyone else know of a way to substitute for the salt and whatever else is in the canned sauce within a slow-cook recipe? Just add more water and salt to taste? I hope you're feeling better after your angina! Always hard to hear others fighting about us for too many reasons to state, really. I hope that your daughters are able to make up and not cause stress for anyone, including themselves!

Jenai: Thanks for the hopes! Other than a small slice of cheesecake and two glasses of wine, I did okay yesterday :) You can do it!

MossStar: Nice to meet you! Great goals. Cutting sugar is always a tough one!

Becca: The breakfast/lunch/dinner went okay! Not perfect, but I made the best choices I could

As for me:

As stated above, my day of eating under other people's food choices went okay. Not perfectly, but okay. I did eat some greek yogurt before I left the house and then just had a few pieces of melon when I arrived for the breakfast. Lunch was sliced turkey, tomato, mustard and lettuce in a flour tortilla (a big one though, the 10", as that's what they had) and some carrots on the side. They had packages of cheetos and I grabbed one, but it was to bring home for hubs, and I did not succumb to temptation and eat it.

They had a snack time, in which I ate three tortilla chips and had a glass of wine. The room was HOT though, so I didn't even feel like eating.

For dinner, I couldn't choose as it was three set courses, but they weren't awful. Mixed green salad for the first course, second course was what appeared to be coated and oven-baked chicken breast overtop of risotto and some sauce I couldn't identify. They had cheesecake for dessert and I did have a small slice, along with another glass of wine. My calories are estimated to the best of my ability, but they're probably low, as I didn't add in the sauce (I had no idea what it was - it was fairly flavorless, too) and I put cooked rice instead of risotto as risotto was not an option on fitday that I could find. If I didn't have those two glasses of wine my water would have hit 64 oz., but I was a bit under.

I did have stomach issues last night. It could have been anything from the cheesecake (sometimes rich food does that to me) to a strange oil any of the food was cooked in, as I usually have stomach flare-ups from new oils. Not sure what it was, but it was very annoying after a long day! Luckily it settled down in time for bed, but it was three hours of 'uh-oh!'

Breakfast and lunch with be on work again today. I think I know what to expect now, though, so I should be okay! I wore heels all day yesterday (even though I'm not supposed to) and my feet are still killing me today, bur that won't stop me from working out later!

See you all later, I need to go get my face on! :D

1) Water 64 oz. daily M: yes T: no
2) Log everything and post total daily/weekly calories. Try to keep it under 1,500 daily. M: yes, 1,537 (close) T: 1,514 (estimated)
3) Cardio M, W, F - either DVD 40 mins., or 40 mins on elliptical. M: 40 mins elliptical
4) Strength training Saturday M-F: N/A
5) Protein above 20% of calories daily M: 18% T: 18% - grr
6) In bed by 11:00 every night (my sleep has been VERY wonky). M: I will T: yes
7) ADDED GOAL: Weigh in on Friday M-Th: N/A


lildebbieg 08-20-2014 03:21 PM

Hi all! Well all my guests left yesterday. I did very well with food and exercise for the duration of their stay...I was really proud of myself! Last night however, I folded t the temptation of Chinese takeout ;) I did get on the scale every day while my guests were here and I was down from Friday. I didn't get on this morning since I know I'll be up from the takeout. Fingers crossed that I'm back down by Friday weigh in! Today we're taking the kids to a local fair. I'll be sure to eat before we go and stay away from chip wagon! :p

Terri - Sounds like you did quite well at the lunch. Sorry to hear your stomach was off last night. Hope you're feeling better today!

Annette - I see you live in Canada. President's Choice have canned beans without any added salt. It's their Blue Menu line. Dry beans a great too, but if you're ever in a pinch for time, the PC Blue Menu choices are awesome!

Mossstar - Welcome!

Becca - How are you doing with the getting back on track?

Jenai - Stiff feeling UGH?

Mern - How is your week going?

Libby - Haven't seen you post this week? How are you doing?

Have an awesome day all!

rainbow24 08-20-2014 04:33 PM

My biggest stressors are my family. I have been married for 37 years today, but before you wish me a happy anniversary realize that I have been having meltdowns over my husband's attitude over the last few years. I could write a graphic story, but suffice it to say he has some issues. Yes, there are aspects of our relationship that I have fault in, but some basic cleanliness and health issues that he brings on himself.
Our oldest daughter thinks only of herself and her needs. She doesn't call me anymore because she knows I won't drop everything for her.
Our second daughter has three kids. The eighteen year old has multiple allergies, anger issues, and laziness. The two year old has a few less multiple allergies and the 3 month old has just manifested his first allergy. He is doing better on lactose free formula than nursing.
These are the two daughters who argued. I think daughter number two has just hit her limit of dropping everything and running to daughter number one.

The other three kids give me stress as well, but in a different way. Not less, just different. Two still live with us and I am thankful for them, but it is still hard to work around them with my new needs.

Terri, I would suggest using sea salt rather than table salt.I have never been a big salt user. I feel like it masks the true flavor of the food.

Debbie, (I hope I got your name right) We have a small Extra Foods in our town. Only half the things available are there. I used to make a monthly trip for raisins, dates, and prunes, but the labelling changed and now I can't use them. I have the added problem of food allergies, so I avoid processed foods as much as possible. Too many times I have missed the "may contain traces" and "processed in a plant that also processes." I haven't had a chance to ask how the epinephrine will affect my heart meds.

I woke up late. Not sure about anything today. I have a lunch date with an 82 year old friend, but it isn't confirmed. I have three different places I could be tonight, but will only choose one.

I found the perfect wedding traditions to make my story memorable.

Breakfast - I don't know yet. It is almost medication time and I can't work up the interest in food today.

Lunch - If I go out, I plan to order the chicken

Dinner - Fish night with a Mexican flair, so there will be nightshade plants, chili seasoning, corn, and yams.

libby135 08-20-2014 08:37 PM

Hi all. I have not been eating well and am afraid to look at the scale. We celebrated my sons silver medal from Sundays race with pulled pork on a bun and assorted cheese cakes and I ate the left overs. That gave me bad heartburn and I haven't been sleeping well. I've got that all or nothing mentality and it's been very bad. I need to get back to posting and charting my food again.

Happy Anniversary Rainbow. No bodys marriage is perfect. We all have things we don't like about each other and some times counseling is needed.

Debbie, I'm so glad that you did well while you had company.

Have a good week.

beccafries 08-21-2014 10:20 AM

Annette- oh u bought dry beans oh okay...better choice def!

Terry- glad you made good choices...I got another work luncheon today..omg..they have the BEST pecan pie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

Debbie- good for you doing all well while u had company..thats very
good my friend!

I did really well my water intake'll see..the pecan pie is calling me now....oh no....go away...:D

taubele 08-21-2014 11:44 AM

Debbie: high five for what you did when you had guests. That is NOT easy at all. How was the fair?? I bet you'll be down Friday! I was feeling better on Wednesday, thanks!

Annette: Happy belated anniversary. 37 years is a long time! Every family has issues and I hope that yours give you more good feelings than stressful feelings. It sounds like the anniversary brought out some negative feelings in you; how were you feeling by the end of the day?

Libby: Pulled pork and cheesecake strike! Blegh. So sorry about your heartburn. I've only ever had it once and it was AWFUL. Take a deep breath, get over the one bad day! You can do it!

Becca: Pecan pie sounds way too tempting; luckily they usually don't have pie at our lunceons (it's cookies or brownies, which are fairly easy for me to say no to). RESIST TEMPTATION ;) I have YET MORE WORK FOOD today as well.

Mern: What are you up to??

As for me: Yesterday was a pretty good day. Breakfast was again a Greek yogurt, and lunch was a hamburger (no cheese) with tomato and lettuce with some fruit on the side. I avoided dinner at work and had it at home, so that helped the calorie count too (dinner was some mini turkey patties (no bun) and some leftover mashed potatoes). Again, everything is an estimation when I don't exactly know what the food is; at least I ate mostly whole foods yesterday. The mashed potatoes were NOT healthily made (cream and butter) but we had them leftover, and we're totally counting our pennies this month, so leftovers it was.

Today I have breakfast and lunch on the school again (it's a theme) due to a faculty development workshop. The week before classes start is always like this. I didn't get to the gym yesterday (booooo) because I got home late (I had a lot of office work to do) but I WILL go today instead, even if it kills me. The workshop is over at 2:30 and I don't have to stay after that, so I have no excuse not to get home early before the gym is packed and get on the elliptical. My plan is to try to make it home by 4:00.

Everyone stay strong! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

1) Water 64 oz. daily M: yes T: no W: yes
2) Log everything and post total daily/weekly calories. Try to keep it under 1,500 daily. M: yes, 1,537 (close) T: 1,514 (estimated) W: 1,410 (estimated)
3) Cardio M, W, F - either DVD 40 mins., or 40 mins on elliptical. M: 40 mins elliptical W: no, home late
4) Strength training Saturday M-F: N/A
5) Protein above 20% of calories daily M: 18% T: 18% - grr W: 23%!
6) In bed by 11:00 every night (my sleep has been VERY wonky). M: I will T: yes W: yes
7) ADDED GOAL: Weigh in on Friday M-Th: N/A


rainbow24 08-21-2014 03:52 PM

Libby - I hate that heartburn. I get it from tea or too many sweets. Too late on the marriage. I should have ended it years ago, but I figured since we don't actually argue, it won't hurt to stay. Nothing is worse than something sometimes.

Becca - STEP AWAY FROM THE PIE - on that note, I bought the required ingredients to experiment for pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. Only fifty or so days away.

Terri - I brought home a DQ Blizzard for him, but I still haven't told him that it was our anniversary. I might wait till Oct. 18, which is 38 years since we have been together. I don't expect him to remember that date at all. NO, I didn't have a blizzard. I had a low fat plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit.

Yesterday - My calorie count was too low. I didn't feel like breakfast, but finally had fruit and a slice of homemade nutrigrain bread. Then at lunch I was expecting to meet my friend but we didn't connect. I ended up repeating breakfast. Dinner was good and a recipe keeper, but I came up way too short on the calorie count.

Thursday - I walked this morning. I have a phone number here to call a yard maintenance company. It tooks two days to recover from the small patch I mowed, so I need help. After I make the call and take my meds, I am heading out to the waste transfer station again.

Breakfast - I think I will just have an egg with a slice of nutrigrain bread

Lunch - I didn't soak my beans, so lentils in a little soup.

Dinner tonight is Chicken with a British flair. I will have to search the recipe books. I'll see if I can find something that Jane Austen would have had for a meal back in the Regency Era.

libby135 08-21-2014 10:47 PM

I had one good day so there is not much hope for a loss this week. It looks as if I am not the only one struggling. Where is every body?

beccafries 08-21-2014 11:25 PM

Guys...I had the Pecan Pie :eek:

rainbow24 08-22-2014 02:02 AM

My daughter brought me a gift from Costco. A package of pasta made with lentils and a fruit snack that has 70 calories. They will both make reasonable emergency foods.

taubele 08-22-2014 11:45 AM

Annette: Well I hope he at least enjoyed the Blizzard? But I hope that you enjoyed your yogurt even more! Glad you got some snacks from your daughter at least! How was your Thursday? What did you figure out to make for dinner? I really like your way of mixing up the meats with styles of cooking. Keeps it fresh!

Libby: One good day is better than no good days!

Becca: NOooooooooooooooOOOOoOOoOO! Haha. Step away from the pie today, I agree with Annette!

As for me:

I had a great day yesterday, but I'm up nearly a pound this morning after having a good week. I am honestly not sure what to attribute it to, though I am reminded that I got off birth control about this time last month and I may actually be experiencing some PMS and/or Aunt Flo getting ready to make a rare appearance (I had been on pills so long that I essentially lost my period; I had one for a day maybe every 6 months or so). So I'm trying to keep that in my mind and not be discouraged by being up, because I KNOW I did well.

At the gym yesterday I got on the elliptical and pushed for a few minutes longer than I had been, and I felt strong doing so. That's a non-scale victory, I think. I'm scheduled to do another cardio workout today, and so I shall! I will diligently post my gain here and on the Friday weigh-in, but not my signature - my signature only gets posted losses ;)

Talk with you all later!

1) Water 64 oz. daily M: yes T: no W: yes Th: yes
2) Log everything and post total daily/weekly calories. Try to keep it under 1,500 daily. M: yes, 1,537 (close) T: 1,514 (estimated) W: 1,410 (estimated) Th: 1,293 (estimated)
3) Cardio M, W, F - either DVD 40 mins., or 40 mins on elliptical. M: 40 mins elliptical W: no, home late Th: yes, made up for W
4) Strength training Saturday M-F: N/A
5) Protein above 20% of calories daily M: 18% T: 18% - grr W: 23%! Th: 27%
6) In bed by 11:00 every night (my sleep has been VERY wonky). M: I will T: yes W: yes Th: yes
7) ADDED GOAL: Weigh in on Friday M-Th: N/A F: 182.6 :mad:


rainbow24 08-22-2014 03:57 PM

Last night I made the filling for a chicken pot pie, without the crust. Not that I can't have the crust, just not with salt and whole grain rather than white. Too much work to prepare one for me and one for the family.

I slept in again, so no walk. This time it was a little bit of reading in bed, but mostly not getting my water started early enough. I finished my last cup after 10 pm which meant getting up in the night to use the facilities.

Not sure what I want for breakfast. I might make a mutligrain waffle because DS opened the new jug of milk before the old one was finished. Now it is close to date and has to be used.

Lunch will be leftover chicken from last night. Good thing I didn't soak my beans last night or they would be sitting an extra day.

Dinner is beef with an Asian flair I have leftover roast beef in the freezer. I will look for a black bean sauce to put with it. I'll do up rice early in the day so I can make fried rice. I sure am glad I bought the no-stick pans a couple of years ago. I can use less oil to cook with.

I will take another load of recyclables to the waste station. Maybe today I will clean up the shavings shed a bit more, getting the non-recyclable plastics into the garbage bin. I'm sure someone else could have figured that they didn't have a symbol on them and tossed them months ago, but now I have a bigger job to do.

libby135 08-23-2014 11:49 AM

Hi all. I let myself down this week. I need to work harder if I am going to make my New Year goal. I am going to weigh in on Friday and Monday so I don't slack off on the week end. I am going to challenge you to do the same.
Debbie I like your motivational quote and I am going to live it. Have a good week end all.

lildebbieg 08-23-2014 01:17 PM

Thanks Libby...but which quote are you referring to?

I'm setting some new, short term attainable goals to keep moving in the right direction. Libby, I guess I can accept your challenge since I weigh daily ;)

- Glad you're not letting the scale get you down. I know how frustrating it can be when you're putting in the work and not getting the result you would expect. Hang in there!

Becca - Is the pie gone now? Hope you enjoyed the slice ;)

Have a good day all!

libby135 08-23-2014 03:53 PM

Hi Debbie. The quote I was referring to was "Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it." Thank you for
encouraging us to make smaller goals so the task doesn't look overwhelming.
I would be willing to post my weight daily if you do?

Friday 179
Saturday 178.8

rainbow24 08-23-2014 04:26 PM

Today I am going to address the weight loss issue. I don't believe it is going to happen, at least not anytime soon. I have set Heart Healthy nutritional goals, but they are not weight loss goals.

Calories - Minimum 1464 - Maximum 2000 (some days I am over, some I am under, but most are between)
Fat - Minimum 50g - Maximum 75g (I have had a couple of over days, but not far over)
Sodium - Minimum 1500mg - Maximum 2300mg (I have had one over day, and lots of under days)
Carbohydrates - Minimum 180g - Maximum 270g (most, if not all days are between these numbers)

In order for me to lose weight, I would have to reduce the carbs by at least half and push the calories up. So I will just settle for decimal point losses in order to appease the nutritionist that I suspect I will be seeing in a month or so.

Friday complaint - Dinner was fantastic but my husband refused to eat. I didn't ask why, but it might have had to do with black rice and black bean sauce.

Saturday - Breakfast will be a nutrigrain waffle with nectarines

Lunch - leftovers from last night (beef with bean sauce, rice and vegetables)

Dinner - Pork with an Italian flair, so I will probably use my homemade basil pesto. I'm just not sure how yet.

Didn't get up in time to walk this morning. I am sleeping in way too often lately. But then I have to take into account that I am waking up at 4 am for a bathroom break. That wake up time is difficult. If it could be 3 am or before, then I could get up at my usual 7 am.

libby135 08-24-2014 01:20 PM

Hi all. Now that I am posting my weight daily I am sure to watch what I eat and be active. I am aiming for a pound a week but I will take more. How is that for accountability. HA

Friday 179
Saturday 178.8
Sunday 178.6

I put skinless bone less chicken thighs and tomatille salsa in the slow cooker. I have never tried this before so I hope it turns out well. I will cook up some brown rice and cauliflower to go with it. That is what we are having for supper tonight.
It's awfully quiet this week end. Where is every body?

rainbow24 08-24-2014 02:56 PM

I was wrong. I opened up one of my small containers to thaw. It looked like pork. We had chicken last night. I did a pot of spaghetti and tomato sauce for the family, while I had low sodium pasta with sliced fresh tomatoes.
Breakfast before church, I'm not sure yet. Probably oatmeal. Unfortunately oatmeal is one of my higher calorie breakfasts because of the stuff I add to it.
Lunch is leftover chicken because my daughter went out last night. If she had warned me in advance there wouldn't have been leftovers.
Dinner tonight is fish with a German flair. I guess a mustard type marinade or rub will suffice. New potatoes and any other leftover vegetable in my fridge will do. Shopping day tomorrow, so later I will plan my menu for the week.

lildebbieg 08-24-2014 03:25 PM

Originally Posted by libby135 (Post 110697)
Hi Debbie. The quote I was referring to was "Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it." Thank you for
encouraging us to make smaller goals so the task doesn't look overwhelming.
I would be willing to post my weight daily if you do?

Friday 179
Saturday 178.8

Love that quote too!! In fact, it was the first one I picked last September when I was just starting out. I always found the idea of the time it would take to reach my goal very daunting! Thanks for reminding me of this quote :)

Last September, I set myself some small monthly goals that I strived to reach each and every month. Most months I did quite well! I almost got to my ultimate goal, until I had that shoulder injury. That seemed to set me on a bad path...a path that has led me almost back to the start. That's is what it is. I've again set myself some small monthly goals to strive for and hopefully I'll be at or near my goal by the New Year. I'll take your challenge and post my weight daily under 1 condition...we both agree to start this and stick to it until the New Year. Good or bad, we need to post. I think that would be great motivation!!! So what do you say Libby, we're in this together until the New Year?

All Fitday friends! I think Libby has a great idea here! After all this thread is not only for motivation but also for accountability. If we post our weight daily, I know for sure it will help us to stay on track. If you think posting weight daily will help to keep you on the straight and narrow, then please join me and Libby!! The more the merrier! Just think, this type of accountability could have you down 18-20 lbs. by the New Year!! The New Year is a mere 18 weeks away and I know if we all put in the effort, being down 18 lbs. by is very acheivable! Where would 18-20 lbs. down put you at? Think about it? How much closer to your goal will you be? Would it put you closer to onederland or even land you in onederland? Would it get you half way to your goal? Motivating right? Then join us!! ;)

lildebbieg 08-24-2014 03:38 PM

Well, here it is...the good, the bad, the ugly ;)

Friday - 136.6 lbs. (the bad)
Saturday - 138.6 lbs. (the ugly)
Sunday - 135.4 lbs. (the good)
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday aiming for 133.6

The water weight fluctuation still astonishes me!! The jump up on Saturday was a direct cause of eating Chinese takeout. Not even sure why I was craving that crap! LOL! K, its back to business :cool:

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