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  • Hi everyone...
    First I must apologize as I do not get on this site as often as I would like, but after working all day every day and getting home to attend a husband, house, 2 dogs and 1 bird, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer....Sooooooo....with that being said...hello again from rainy Florida!

    Not been staying on track as I should since summer seems to be the worst time of the year for wanting to lose weight and get in would think since it's bikini season, and especially in Florida it would be the opposite. Between visiting family, working, on the go weekends, I can't seem to get it right....still hoping to get enough money together to buy the hula hoop I want...but the good part of all this is, my office moved some of the employees to a different part of our building, so now I have to WALK quite a bit to get to them...and that could be a good thing instead of sitting at the computer the entire day!! That seems to be the only exercise I can ever get ...perhaps once school starts again and things quiet down I can get back on track...I hope!!
    Hope everyone has a great week...I will try to post on here more often but it's so difficult! Until the next time, holding steady with my two pounds gone...down to 138...
  • Hi Laney I feel ya! For what ever reason, I too find summer more difficult to commit. Maybe it's all the extra social stuff? I like to hibernate in the winter That's awesome that you've been able to maintain your loss. Keep it up! And as for posting, post as often or as little as you want.
  • I'm struggling to get the house baby-proofed for caring for my crawling great-granddaughter. Still have to clean the kitchen--she'll be here in about 20 minutes. No time to proofread, so please read what I meant, not what I typed. LOL

    Laney, hi! Welcome! Kudos on your two pounds lost! Good attitude about the added walking since the office move. What are you studying in school? I found it so hard when I was young, bieng married, working full time, and going to evening college. Yes--what Debbie said--post as often or as seldom as makes you most comfortable. None of us have time to read and respond to all the posts every day.

    Debbie, so sorry you're feeling down! Honey, I'm sure we all think you are doing so well, but we're not in your skin and we can't tell you how to feel. Give yourself credit for all the little things and maybe you'll see how much you have to feel GOOD about. You are so wise to have already created a new start date with a new weight loss goal and developed a new six week workout plan. So you know now it's OK to start over as many times as we need to. But you also have to give yourself permission to restart with a CLEAN SLATE. Huge supportive hugs to ya! LOL on the exercise graphic.

    Nyda, wow, you surely must have burned a lot of calories yesterday on all the work in the nursery and greenhouse. Not sure I understood--do YOU have a virus or is that something about your plants. Why do you need a different kind of tomato next year? I know about the goose droppings. We have them at our community park and have to watch where we walk--it's EVERYWHERE!

    Libby, aw, so sorry you were feeling as overcast as the sky yesterday. I hope you've perked up some. My scale is up, too,from eating Chinese on Monday and then eating out with friends yesterday. Remember sometimes the scale doesn't move when our bodies are adjusting to their new lower weight, just to be sure we're not trying to harm them with weight loss. That scale will get moving again when it's ready, so just keep on doing what you to to promote weight loss. Oh, the brownies--you were talking about the black bean brownies. LOL I wondered how regular brownies were fitting into your plan. Great job on your food plans yesterday.Way to go on your sewing room organizing, walking up and down stairs, and meal planning.

    Libby and Jenai, I'm no exercise expert, but I know pain, especially back pain. The walking is a GREAT idea--you can control the distance, the speed--and you can even walk just a short distance back and forth so you won't get afraid about being too far from home.

    Jenai, I didn't exercise yesterday, either--because I didn't want to. I promise 5 minutes today--will you? We both can do this--I need to try harder, too--I could only brag about restarting excerise twice this week. I've been off this support group for months at a time but never did give up during all that time. As long as we never give up, there's good reason to expect we WILL succeed eventually. Question about your feeling hungry before getting up from the table: are you sure to include both protein and fat? Some people go way too low fat in their quest to lose weight and including some fat actually helps curb hunger pangs. I'm pretty sure I also read that fat helps carbs pass through more easily with less impact on our blood sugar and weight. Maybe you should think about replacing just ONE meal with Atkins and milk--sounds like it's not enough to fill you up and maybe THAT'S why you're dealing with hunger pangs so much. I didn't get the link for the Stuffed French Bread. Can you post send that again? Oh, great idea to stuff Hungry Girl Bread with that. It would be closer to what you made. Your comment "I would be so hating life" if you were the one who had to put back all the food from the Walmart gas leak gave me a chuckle. I am up on the scale 1.6 lbs, I think, from high sodium and eating out with friends. I KNEW that and still had for lunch today a low calorie and low fat sandwich on Hungry Girl flatbread, but it was high sodium turkey, high sodium turkey bacon and then tomato and low carb ranch dressing. Yummy and OK on my food plan, but all that sodium isn't going to help me on the scale numbers. I TOTALLY understand your hardship with the junk food. My family is not on my eating plan, either and DH does half the shopping. I go to the store that has the best meat sales and carries my dairy blend (fake yogurt) that I can't get anywhere else and to Walmart for my low carb tortillas and Hungry Girl bread. DH shops a warehouse type food store where he always buys pastries, cookies, and snack cakes every visit. The snack cakes are hardest for me to resist.
  • Mern, Yes, I usually do have some fat with my protein. Yesterday when I ate the chicken salad it had mayo in it. The Atkins are actually pretty high in fat as well as protein. I think today I will try your idea of just having 1 and trying to fit in 2 small meals. Also, I need to fill up more often on foods that have less (or even very few) calories...fruits and vegetables. I'm just not good at preparing and eating them. I love when I make spinach salad, but by the time I add the 2 Tbsp of dressing and sunflower seeds that I love, the salad is just as high calorie as any other meal. Today I have on my plan to eat an apple with peanut butter. The other day I tried celery and peanut butter to try to curb the munchies and it worked for a while. Also, Mern, I think the 2 shakes, 1 meal a day plan was working fine when I was not up all night. It seems that in the middle of the night I tend to eat junk more often than when I slept different hours. So while I'm on the up all night schedule I need to reconfigure my meal plan. Although, last night when I was having cravings I had a shake and it quieted them right down. So I don't know. I'll just have to mess around with it and see what I can adjust.

    Libby and Debbie, I'm glad I'm not the only one in the injury club. Not that I'm glad you all have injuries, but it means that I'm not totally losing my mind and way off base in my theory. After my back felt better enough to move around I did do some light exercising, but I stopped as quick as I started because when I was done my back was twinging a bit and it had me nervous. Even still I can tell it's not "normal", so it has me really worried. I will try again to do some stretching and maybe a light workout.

    It's 3:00 pm an my day has just barely started. I have a dentist appointment I have to get to in just a couple minutes so I need to sign off for now. I'll report back on how I did for the day.
  • Hello all. I ate way to much today, but I am still ahead on the calories burned. It was not a bad day. I went to work today so got in a lot of steps. We had a thunder bumber with a little rain and some thunder so not much done out side.
    Mern The plants in my greenhouse have a virus so I have to get a different variety next year. I have to find one with a t in the list of immunities. The garden is coming along nicely.
    I have to get a shower before going to bed. Have to work tomorrow so this is short.
  • I stayed mostly on target today. I had only what I planned for, except I took one little handful of chips that wasn't planned. So my total for the day was a little over 1600. It's almost 1a.m. and I am just now sitting down to have my Atkins with milk. It's so refreshing and satisfying. I just love them. num-num-num.

    Mern, I took your advice and had 2 small meals and just 1 shake today. I also had an apple with peanut butter. Boy, was that ever delicious! I don't know why I don't eat fresh fruit more often! It was sooo juicy and sweet. yummy. And the peanut butter hit the spot too. I think it really curbed some cravings and kept me on track. When I had a single portion of dinner, I was still kind of hungry. I waited a while and was still hungry, so I had the leftover chicken salad and made a sandwich on a hungry girl bread. It really held me over. Except for that small dip into the chip bag I was really very successful at staying away from unplanned junk food snacks. Yea me!

    If I don't magically gain weight over night, I am very excited to see the final number at weigh in tomorrow.

    Nyda, glad to hear you had a good day!

    See you all later in the afternoon.
  • Good morning all! I feel like myself again today!

    I've been whining for too long about not making progress and actually putting weight back on...but it's my own fault! I have so many social events in the summer (as we all do!) and I let it derail me every year. Well today is the day I stop whining and draw a line in the sand. I'm restarting as of today! I have a wedding reception to go to tonight and my father's 70th birthday party on Sunday. Both occasions would normally have me consuming too many liquid calories which then leads to eating more than I normally would. I would also normally think to myself that I have these events this weekend and wait until Monday to restart. Well not this time! I'm restarting today! On a Friday!!! I've devised my new workout schedule and aim to do some form of exercise every single day from now until the kids are back in school. That's 46 days from now! It may only be a quick 10 minute workout, but I'm committing myself to do something on a daily basis...even when camping....even when vacationing...even if I'm busy! Phew! I feel ready to go again! I know how to do this and I will reach my goal by Halloween!

  • What I've been up to
    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick drop by. Things are going well.

    I bought a bike about 3 weeks ago. The first night was very unsuccessful. I thought I was going to have to give up until I lost more weight, especially in my legs. I just couldn't get myself going............


    All is going well, just thought I'd update

  • Debbie, I didn't think you were whining at all! I just heard some frustration. I'm so glad you are sticking with us (and you!). Good for you for restarting even when you have events in the next few days. You will reach your goal!

    Bea, so happy to see you! That is sooo fantastic that you got a bike and are doing well with it. Keep on going! And I noticed a nice loss since last time. Yea you!

    I am so very excited to report this week. This week I had a lot of slip ups, ate too many snacks, went way over my calorie goal several times, etc. I was positive that I was going to have a gain. But I didn't! Holy mackerel I lost 1.8 lbs! And if I waited until later in the afternoon I bet I'd be at an even 235, since I tend to swell over night and in the morning my feet and legs get puffy. Anyways, I'm so ecstatic. I don't know how it happened, but I thank the weight gods for it.
  • Bea - So glad to see you online, but especially glad to see you on your new bike!! Awesome NSV lady! Thanks for stopping in and sharing

    Jenai - Congrats on your nice loss this week! Thanks for not hearing it as whining....maybe I was whining more to myself than on here! Thank you for your support!

    Jenai and Bea both astound me! You both consistently lose weight week after week! I applaud you!

    Mern - Thank you for you support! Glad the graphic I put up the other day didn't offend but actually gave you a giggle instead! LOL!