Accountability, Motivation and Independence for 6/30 - 7/6/14

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  • Me again I booked the day off as a holiday since tomorrow is a stat holiday...Canada Day!! My favourite holiday of the year!!! I always sort of think of it as the kick off to summer. It's all about getting out, enjoying the day with friends and family and being proud to be Canadian!! No having to buy presents or host elaborate dinners...hamburgers on the bbq and cold drinks is all that's needed Guess it's like the USA 4th of July!

    So since I'm home with the kids (I wish I could be home with them always...but I have to work )) I planned a cooking morning with them. They love to be in the kitchen with me! I found an easy dessert recipe that uses wonton wrappers. We made apple pie filling and used it for 1/3 of the wrappers. For the others, we used Nutella in some and cream cheese and strawberries preserves in the others. Baked them for 12 minutes and we have a tasty treat! 4 wrappers are only 80 cals, .4g fat, 16g carb and 1 g not low carb (sorry Mern!), but they are a low cal treat. The amount of filling in each is about a tablespoon and the nutritional count above doesn't account for the filling.

    So much fun....and lots of cleaning up for mom!
  • Debbie, your Canada Day celebration does indeed sound like the USA Fourth of July. It's wonderful that you were able to take the day off and how fun to spend time making treats with your kids! I love cooking with my 12 and 10 year old grandkids. They especially like making homemade soup because we dump in whatever ingredients we have on hand (no recipe) and they are so good at dumping and tasting seasonings themselves because they know my taste in soup broth. I just do a final tasting to see if anything needs adjusted. GD is the one who likes to bake with me. Those wonton wrapper desserts sound really yummy. I'll bet I could do a low carb version with my really soft low carb tortillas. I have a black bean and cocoa powder dessert quesadilla filling recipe to which I'll bet I could add peanut or soy butter to make it taste sort of like Nutella. I make mini tart shells out of my doughier low carb tortillas and fill them with lemon yogurt for "lemon tarts." I might try substituting the low carb tortillas for wonton wrappers some time.
  • Hi all. Cleaning fairies are here so I am upstairs hiding. I can't believe how much clutter we had that I had to move before they could clean today. Will be so nice to have a clean house.

    We bought ready made chicken and dumplings at the store since they came at 3 (almost 4pm now). Not sure the calorie count but it's convenient. Going for a late birthday celebration on Wed with another VERY good friend (these 2 are the ones that I can always count on). I think I know what I am going to have for lunch. Hopefully sometime I can work up the courage to have a pedicure. I'm self-concious about my ugly feet.

    I have a little rant...I put on a pair of capris yesterday and they are WAY too big (had to wear a belt). I know I'm no longer a 24 but have no idea what my true size is with the stretch in clothes. I just bought a 20 in capris. Does it make sense to be down 4 sizes if I've lost 12lb?

    I will write out some goals tomorrow.
  • Debbie, thanks for posting the link to the black bean brownie recipe. They are delicious! DH thought so, too, and he never would have guessed they were made with black beans instead of flour.

    Jenn, that's lovely that you have cleaning fairies. Sounds like a yummy dinner. Hey, happy birthday! When is/was it? Enjoy your celebration with your friends--that's awesome! Mine is July 6. Major kudos on the way too big capris! Where I buy clothes in the USA, going from a 24 to a 20 would be considered two sizes down, with 10 lbs. between sizes. So if I was just into a size 24 and lost 12 lbs. I could be down to a size 20. But I totally agree with you that it's hard to judge sizes. I like the strech in my jeans, though
  • Jenn - Cleaning fairies!!!! **sigh**...I need me some cleaning fairies...hmmmmm

    Mern - I'm glad you and DH liked the brownies! When I read your post that you didn't use chocolate chips...I thought OH NO!!! I think the chocolate chips really make it...but I'm happy to hear you liked them regardless!
  • Debbie, I'm sure the brownies would be even yummier with chocolate chips, but it saves me carbs, and they're plenty super-delicious to me "naked."

    So much looking forward to taking our 10 month old great-granddaughter (our daughter's grandchild) to the zoo tomorrow with her paternal grandparents and paternal great-grandpa. The baby loves animals and our grandson-in-law's family are wonderful people.
  • Thanks for the cake Mern--no calories. Thank you also for the explanation on the sizes.
  • I totally derailed. I posted yesterday how famished I was and that nothing I ate seemed to satisfy. I found the answer...sweet. I made a treat and as soon as I had a little something sweet with a little protein I was completely fine and not hungry at all any more.

    The problem is, the treat I made (a whole pan full of it) was still sitting there when I woke up. That was my menu the entire day, except I did have enchilada casserole for dinner. But no Atkins shakes with milk, besides dinner no other regular food...just a mixture of cheerios, peanut butter, sugar and corn syrup. And I ate A LOT of it. Thankfully now it's gone though and Tuesday can get back to being normal.