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JediMindTricks 07-11-2014 11:11 PM

Thanks Jenn :) I'm glad to know I wasn't just being ridiculous making my clean house a big deal. After I posted that I got even more done! I organized our misc kitchen cupboard (and threw out a bunch of stuff collecting dust and taking up space), cleared out some stuff from the freezer that was past it's prime and there were some bananas and strawberries that no one was eating so I prepped those and got them in the freezer before they went bad and went to waste in the trash. Now I can save them for banana bread and smoothies. I also hung a picture that had been sitting there forever waiting to go up, got some craft things put away that had been left out. I just got sooooo much done last night!!! And this morning dh noticed! That's the best part :)

Jenn, stir fry is a great way to get in lots of veggies!

Kathy13118 07-14-2014 03:26 PM

The week almost slipped by without my 'all-liquids' day. Then I HAD to do it yesterday, without much planning. Tomato soup all day!

Kathy13118 08-10-2014 03:30 PM

I haven't missed a week yet in which I have one day that is 'just liquids.' Today's the day - I almost let it slip by. Tomato soup is turning out to be my favorite liquid meal.

Kathy13118 09-16-2014 06:30 PM

Still doing the once-a-week all-soup day thing. I don't know that it has helped with my weight loss, but it hasn't hindered. And it is one day I don't count calories as much as just eat simple soup or soups.

I don't think much about food that day - the soup is on the stove for when I get hungry.

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