Motivational Thread April 14 - April 20

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Default Motivational Thread April 14 - April 20

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Good morning all! Another week to keep working towards our goals.

After dishing out the advice to Jenai yesterday about planning ahead...I failed to plan and overall failed quite miserably! I did get in a workout, but my eating slipped as did my water intake. The result...another 2 pounds of water weight! That means I have 7 additional lbs. from my Friday weigh in. How is that even possible! I'm getting into PMS week...but seriously 7 lbs! I'm doing my best to not let this get me down because if I do, I run the risk of getting derailed. I'm not sure if I'll do the Easter Weigh In/Friday Weigh on Thursday (leaves me only 3 days to lose 7 lbs. of water weight!) or weigh in on Monday when I get back home (after I'm out of town for 3 days...which makes it more challenging to lose?)?

Apologies for the gloomy post to start out a new week. Turning this around!! Let's do our very best to make this a great week!! My goals for today will be to do my very best to do things that work for right, excersie hard and drink plenty of water!

Jenai - I think drinking a little diet soda is fine....just keep it in check and don't drink too much. If it helps you to stay on track and not feel deprived, I don't think it's the worse thing you could do!

Have a great day all!
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Debbie - one thing about a 7 pound gain - you know it will go away as fast as it came - and it feels so good when it does. You have done great and will continue to do so. Enjoy all the non scales benefits. Do you notice your PMS any less since you lost weight?

I'm motivated this week. Lost my trip fluid last night so down 2 pounds from pre-trip. Of course that meant being up to the bathroom frequently during the night but was worth it. Now to get rid of 2 pounds of fat this week. I will be away on the weekend too so need to psych up to not overeat Easter Dinner. I think I'll set up a reward for myself if I come home weighing 1 pound less than I left with. Breaks from routine are so hard to deal with.

Hope everyone has a great week. Spring is arriving.
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I am not doing well this morning. Our beloved dog Suzie is 16 years old and is not doing well. She can no longer stand on her own and has a bad sore on her hip from laying down. I was hoping I could give her something to help her pass at home but the vet said there was nothing I could do and to bring her in.
I don't want to move her and cause her more trauma. Then there is the cost of euthanizing her. It could cost between $300. and $500. for a vet to come here and put her down. I hate to see her suffer any longer. She is such a good and loyal dog and a part of our family. The weather looks like I feel,
all doom and gloom. They are forecasting snow today. Ugg. Is it any wonder that I feel down?
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Sorry to hear that Libby. Yeah very windy today but mild and snow tomorrow. Wild weather in Ontario!!

GOALS for the week
1. Keep to carb limit
2. 4 servings fruit/veggie
3. 6 glasses of water
4. Exercise 4X for 30 min

Personal goals
1. Finish writing homework for Thurs

Stepped on the scale yesterday and I'm down a couple of pounds. Have been fluctuating so I was quite happy with that!

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Debbie, I like the quote for the week. Your quotes always seem appropriate and fitting. I wouldn't stress too much about the water weight. It will come of plus some. It may take some extra time if it's PMS week, but when it does it will be such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Hang in there. You always do so well.

Mary, what kind of reward are you thinking about?

Libby, I'm so sorry for you and your Suzie. I know it probably won't help much, but I think about how much she will be at peace and not hurt so badly. Losing a pet is such a hard thing to go through, and she's been with you and your family so long. :'( I'm sorry.

As for me, I'm feeling quite optimistic. I love the look of my blank food log this morning. Wonder what kinds of nutritious and yummy things I will fill it with today...not soda!
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I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I've been in your situation as a pet owner with a suffering animal several times. It's heartbreaking.

The last time, the cat was crying in pain and the vet, knowing all that was going on with the cat (cancer), gave me some drugs to numb all the pain until the office could take care of him (nothing for me, though!) It really was only enough to get the cat through a few hours. It made a difference, the cat was pain-free for a while.

Maybe they can do something like that for your dog. It makes the trip to the vet more comfortable, physically, for the animal.
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Libby - I'm so very sorry to hear about Suzie. I'll keep you both in my thoughts today. I wish there were some wise words I could say that would help. (((big hugs)))
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Jenai - I'm thinking golf clubs. Maybe I will make them a 5 point reward. One point for good behaviour this weekend. 1 point for every 2 pounds lost etc. It's something I should buy anyway so earning them might be fun.

Libby It is too bad you have to transport your dog. Is there anyone who can help you lift her? I had to use a blanket as a sling and a neighbours help to carry my dog to the car when it was her time. The vet did come out to the car so she wouldn't need to be moved inside till after it was over. Being able to have her remains looked after by the vets office took a load off me. It is hard to do no matter where. Just remember this will be over soon.
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Hi everyone,

It sounds like it will be a challenging week for some
I am so sorry to hear about Suzie Libby

I developed a tooth abscess Saturday and cannot get into my doctor for 2 weeks. So I'm going to a walk in clinic tonight to get the needed antibiotics... Tooth pain really does suck!! And it is a top front tooth that was filled in Jan...the other top front was root canaled at the same time......... he disturbed my delicate balance of .... don't touch my teeth!!

I suppose a bright note, I can't eat.......... though anything warm/hot kills so I can't drink my coffee either
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Was off the wagon last week. No excuse--just got lazy and uncommitted. But I'm back.

Libby, my heart goes out to you and your family and Suzie.

Debbie, I agree with the others that your 7 lbs. put on so quickly should leave quickly, too. You CAN lose that much water weight in three days.

Jenai, hi. I've cut back on diet soda. I can't give it up completely--I'd feel too deprived. Glad you're feeling optimistic this week.

Mary, kudos on losing your 2 lb. trip fluid. Best wishes this week.

Jenn, congrats on being down on the scale.

Bea, so sorry you have to wait two weeks to get your tooth taken care of! Wishing you comfort.
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