Motivational Thread March 31-April 6

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  • I sort of misspoke earlier today. I said the only prescription medication I take is eye drops for glaucoma. But I do take prescription vitamin D--a once a week time-release capsule because my body doesn't absorb over-the-counter vitamin D-3.
  • My day wasn't very balanced. I was pitifully low on protein and fiber, a little high in sat fat, high in carbs. I was under my calories but to add protein and fiber I'm going to have an Atkin's shake with milk later. Unfortunately that will put me over my calorie range for the day. Tomorrow is a new day.

    I made another delicious dinner tonight for the family. Mini shells taco pasta with a thick, creamy sauce that really sticks to the pasta. However, I choose not to eat pasta so I took half a cup of the meat mixture (turkey, btw) and wrapped it up burrito style in an HG flatout, nicely toasted for a couple minutes. Only about 300 calories or so (guesstimating a smidge because I don't know exactly how much cheese or sour cream was in my half cup serving). But it was delectable. Very satisfying. That's the best, when your meal is healthier and you feel full and satisfied.

    Wishing everyone a good day tomorrow!
  • hi all! I didn't get a chance to check in all day and I'm literally in bed with my ipad so I could check in. I had a good day foodwise but life took over and I didn't get a chance to workout. My back was still bothering me this morning so I opted out of my workout. After work I went to the chiropractor the stopped at the grocery store...then home to cook dinner, then took my daughter to the cheer gym...oh before I did that I mde 2 dozen cupcakes. Came home from the gym and decoated the cupcakes (they are for a bake sae at the kids school)..cleaned up, read books, got the kids to I'm wiped! Tmorrow is another day...hopefully I can find somw time to take care of myslef too
  • Jenai, my day was unbalanced, too. I got busy with my grandkids being here on spring break and did not pre-log my food. That's not an excuse, it's just an explanation. I suppose I could have MADE time, but I didn't. Your turkey taco burrito sounds great. I had a turkey Rheuben burrito on Light Original Flatout with Swiss Laughing Cow and sauerkraut. Yum.

    Debbie, I hope the chiropractor did some good to alleviate your back pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Wow, did you have a busy day! Also wishing you some quality ME time!

    Non-scale victory: learned something from analyzing my Monday report.

    Monday report: my day was unbalanced, too. In trying to get in more meatless meals per week, I need to adjust to keeping my protein up. I didn't get enough protein today from non-meat sources, so my percentage of calories as saturated fat is higher. I need to curb my cheese and keep in mind that my veggie dishes are lower in calories than meat dishes. (DUH, Mern!) I'll get the hang of it--I think I even have a list of good non-meat protein sources on my hard drive somewhere. Yup, Jenai, tomorrow is a new day.

    Green=on target Blue=off target but still time to get my weekly average in line Red=missed goal

    Calories: 1200-1500 1234
    Saturated fat limit: average 12% of total calories 16%
    Dietary Cholesterol limit: average 200mg 101mg
    Net carbs limit-total carbs less fiber: average 25g 25g
    Fiber minimum: average 25g 37g
    Protein minimum: average 110g 83g

    Log every bite of food YES
    Water 64 oz. NO
    Exercise 5 days
    Post non-scale victory YES
  • Today went well but I have a headache tonight.

    Goals for the week

    Monitor blood pressure
    Drink water: Yes
    Eat more fruit and veg: Yes
    Exercise 3X
    Lose 5 pounds
  • GOALS for the week
    1. stay within carb limit 40g per meal no
    2. 4 servings fruits/veggies yes
    3. Exercise 4X 30 min no

    Personal goals
    1. write more/stress less

  • My blood pressure and fasting blood sugar were normal this morning so I am happy about that. My weight is coming back down again and in a couple of weeks I should be back to my previous low. I plan on using the treadmill today for 30 minutes. There is still soreness in my legs and arms but I hope it will diminish in time. My diet is going well and I have my day planned out.
    Make it a good day.
  • Our weather forecast today is for a wonderful spring 73 degree day. My agenda for this morning is to eat breakfast and go to the grocery store. Counting as some exercise this afternoon will be hand cleaning the wooden jungle gym in my backyard in prep for hanging the new outdoor baby swing I bought for my 7 month old great granddaughter. I expect that to take a few hours.

    Libby, I hope you had a good night sleep and woke up without a headache. Good job on your BP and fasting blood sugar being normal today and on your weight coming back down! Your goal is to lose 5 lbs. this week? I forgot--are you retaining water?

    Jenn, kudos on getting in your veggies. Wishing you a stress free day.
  • Good morning all! Up at my regular time this morning, so I got in my regular morning workout. I'm so glad I made the 2 dozen cupcakes last night because when my husband dropped off the goods this morning, he said the tables were pretty empty. It's understandable I guess...most parents work full time jobs so it's difficult to fit this in during the work week.

    I'm not sure what's up with me? Spring is in the air....but I feel down? I sometimes feel like life is just too darn busy! Too busy to be able to slow down long enough to enjoy anything. The only time I ever sit down is when I'm at work (guess that's one good thing to a desk job!). I'm trying deperately to shake the feeling of doom and gloom. I think maybe I need to find something that gets me out of the house at least once a week....something that's just for me. I do take the time to exercise which I always considered my time, but I do this by myself in the basement. I need a social outlet I think?

    Anyway, so for being so gloomy on this sunny spring day! I hope everyone has an awesome day!
  • I know what you mean Debbie!
    I'm taking a writing course at local library which will be my social outlet for a few weeks. Wasn't Hope the writer?