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lildebbieg 03-27-2014 05:27 PM

Will you be a climber or a spectator?
I read this today on a website I love to follow and thought it was fitting. The write up is geared towards exercise motivation, but I think it easily translates to motivating personal change and growth...including weight loss. I hope it resonates with you (as it did with me) and that it gives you the push to keep moving forward and climbing that mountain.

The mountain of success is littered with the fallen.

We all leave base-camp together full of hope and piss and vinegar.
This time will be different we tell ourselves.
24 hours into our climb 50% of people fall away for one reason or another.
The McDonald’s drive thru special beckons or the TV traps you on the couch and the heroic quest is lost like loose change in the cushions of the sofa.
On the rest of us go to live another day – another step towards our goals.
Some that continue on pitch their tents during the accent and decide to settle. These are the dabblers, the habitual gym regulars, the people who have been on the quest forever but never actually realize any change. They read on the elypical machine. They get to feel like a climber without moving their game up. The vast majority live here – occasionally slipping back down to base camp, but mostly just hovering in their comfort zones. It’s a social place to hang out and you get to take trendy sneakers to work with you – you get to enjoy the moniker of someone who “works out” but because you never commit to achieving what you are capable of you spend at least some of your time watching wistfully as the real climbers reach up and above and disappear into the heights above.
The climbers climb. Up, beyond, ahead. They come in all shapes and sizes – all body types. We recognize them because we sense their power and we are inspired by it. They are the ones still moving, still striving. What powers these dynamos of discipline and motivation? What makes them power through that extra rep? I believe that they measure themselves not against the photoshopped silhouette from a magazine or even the other climbers around them – they push against their own personal bests and they do it consistently.
If you push to beat your own personal best you will always rise above where you are now. Day by day – 1 step at a time you will gain altitude. This measure of success comes from the heart – it’s a truth between you and your soul – and it defines the true climbers in life.

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