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Mern 03-17-2014 12:56 PM

Motivational Thread March 17-March 23
Good morning, everyone!

I haven't posted for several days, but have been eating on track. Exercise and water have been lacking. But I'm ready to work harder this week.

Boy, did I pay dearly for instant gratification last night! I was craving chocolate and didn't have any dark chocolate but I had a bag of sugar free caramel filled milk chocolate candy. I usually eat only two pieces of the dark chocolate--a serving is five pieces. I ate the whole bag of milk chocolate, which is about TEN pieces and wound up with a horrible stomach ache--I'm guessing from all the sugar alcohols and other fake ingredients.

I haven't weighed since Friday and even though I know the cause of my hands and feet aching is from indulging in too much sodium from turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and deli sliced lunch meats, I continued to eat them. I usually don't crave salt, so I don't know what's up with that. I did go to the butcher shop yesterday, though, and bought some very low sodium store-cooked roast beef and some low sodium turkey breast. I'm swearing off turkey bacon and sausage until my water retention goes away.

Off to exercise and I can't come back here until I do.

simplybea 03-17-2014 01:04 PM

Good morning!

Let's look toward a successful, positive, hard working week!

Mern 03-17-2014 01:10 PM

Hi, Bea. I added to my opening post after getting us started. Thanks for the pep talk--I really need it! You did a fabulous job on weight loss last week. Congrats on that! I'm up on the scale but I'm sure it's not fat gain--just water retention. I'm determined to post a loss on this Friday's weigh-in thread.

Kumochi 03-17-2014 01:37 PM

Thanks for starting us off. I'm off to a hotel for the next 4 nights with food provided. I'm a bit concerned it may be all high carb. I plan on exercising at least an hour per day while a friend has radiation. I'm providing driving and emotional support. The Cancer Society arranges for a hotel with food and this is her first full week. The rest of the time she is using Cancer Society drivers. Her battle makes me realize how I should be happy I am healthy and look after my body.

I suppose I can count going to London, ON as going south. My goals this week are to eat healthy and avoid bread. There is going to be too much temptation. I'm not good with temptation Mern I would have eaten the whole package too.

jjrudd 03-17-2014 01:37 PM

Good Morning Mern and Bea.

1. Keep within carb limit (40 grams per meal)
2. 4 servings fruits/veggies
3. 6 glasses of water (at least)
4. Lose 1lb and post in friday weigh-in
5. Exercise 30 min 4X

Personal goals
1. Clean bedroom including vacuuming
2. Vacuum living room
3. write

Have a Dr appointment April 2 so I want to lose 2 lbs by that time so I'm under 270. It definetly gives me an incentive to eat healthier to have good bloodwork numbers.


lildebbieg 03-17-2014 01:44 PM

Good morning fitday friends. I had a pretty good week, but feel like my weekend wasn't so successful. I had planned for a dinner out with my husband on Saturday (we had an awesome date night!!) so I didn't feel guilty about that. Unfortunately, I let my overindulgence spill over into Sunday. It's only 1 day though, so I need to keep it in perspective and just keep moving forward hence today's motivational quote. ;)

"Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go"

Mern - I'm with you....the scale is up today and I know it's water weight. Between the weekend indulgences and hormonal fluctuations, I knew I'd be up. It will be hard to get the scale down by Friday (at least for me!) but I'm determined to have a loss this week as well. Let's make it happen lady! :p

- I'm all for a successful, positive and hard working week! Let's do this! :D

Mary - Those are good goals for the your travel week. Sorry to hear your friend is battling cancer. I personally know how that can put things in perspective.

- Whatever helps to keep us motivated is always a good thing right! Good luck with your goals this week!

Have an awesome day!

libby116 03-17-2014 01:49 PM

Mern, thanks for starting us off this week. I am having problems with water retention and the scale is showing it. Part of the problem is the new medication I started using on Friday. Even though I am still on a low calorie diet and exercising my weight loss has stopped. GRRRR. Week 2 of Jumpstart
isn't going so well.

lildebbieg 03-17-2014 01:55 PM

Libby - By keeping your calories very low for too long can actually slow your metabolism. Your body adjusts to the new calorie level by being able to function on only 800 calories. This could potentially backfire when you up your calories to a more practical level. Have you thought about calorie cycling instead? I don't want to post any links here...I think they would be removed? Google calorie cycling or zig zagging calories and have a read and see what you think. I personally think it could be just as effective and easier to sustain for a longer term...if not forever really.

libby116 03-17-2014 02:58 PM

Debbie, I understand your concern but I would like to stick with jumpstart for 3 weeks. I am going to make a pitcher of lemon water and drink it through out the day. It should help with water retention and may help with weight loss as well. I don't want to give up half way through other wise I will always wonder what would have happened if I had stuck with the diet.

lildebbieg 03-17-2014 03:18 PM

I totally respect your commitment! Maybe I should try the lemon water thing you really think it helps with water retention?

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