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Default The Last 10 or 15 this year...

I have wanted to lose 10-15 lbs. for the last 3-4 years....starting with the new year, I'm trying again...Jan. 2nd, I weighed 168.....today I weigh 166.5. My goal weight was 155 before I was 55.....I'm 57 now, and I still have that goal. It's been frustrating, but all my fault... I'll get down to the low 160's and then holidays, special events, etc. come along and I indulge a little to much...My goal is to exercise 30-60 min. a day, at least 4 days a week...my problem is - last fall, I was diagnosed with arthritis and deteriorating cartilage in my right knee, it was painful for a while, but it is feeling better, but I still wear a brace for activities and work... I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for cardio exercise with these conditions...I do hike (easily) and ride my bike to work most days (1 mile round trip), and do Leslie Sansone walking vids with my g/f occasionally but I don't feel I'm getting my heart rate up enough with these activities. I also had a broken heel a little over 2 years ago that was not right for almost a year, although the last year it has been good... I also do light lifting....but I want to feel the heart rate up.....
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What has your doctor told you about your knee?

I am familiar with the Leslie Sansone videos and I think they are awesome. I still have a vcr and I also have a DVD of Leslie Sansone's walking program. So, what I'm thinking is - you're doing a lot of high-impact stuff. When you're light-lifting, you're probably also stressing that knee. Does your doctor have any suggestions? Maybe you have chosen the LEAST harmful activities for your knee but are they actually going to help your knee or put more stress on it?

I have arthritis in one part of one foot and I know how bad that can feel. It changes the way I put on shoes. It changes the way I walk. I'm really nervous about doing anything to aggravate that condition but it's my FOOT so there you are...

Do you belong to a gym or Y? For more cardio that probably wouldn't hurt your knee, really long swim sessions or even swim lessons to become more competitive with your swimming can really get your heart rate up.

If I'm totally wrong about the impact on your knee and your doctor actually recommended those activities, well, then - spinning might be for you. It's an activity that I have seen 'shrink' people down several clothing sizes and I've tried it - it's not fun. It's kind of grueling, but you might like the weight-loss rewards. That is, if it doesn't hurt your knee more.
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hi Kathy, the dr. didn't say anything but that someday i'd need a knee replacement...when I went to pay for my knee brace, I did talk to the physical therapist that fitted me for the brace....she said it's good to stay active & that light lifting is good because it strengthens the muscles around the knee to support it....No, I don't belong to a Y or gym...I have a lot of equipment at home though.... bench with leg ext & curl attachment, lat pulldown/triceps pressdown mach, treadmill, wavemaster, speed bag, eliptical, healthrider, all kinds of weights,stability ball, stationary bike, etc...I didn't think the hiking/walking or riding bike would be high impact like say....jogging, running, basketball, tennis.....things that would have you jump, run & turn directions quickly....I also go to a very good herbologist that has me taking things that, hopefully, will support healthy cartilage, bones, & tendons....I feel good on the hikes/walks....I don't push it....I just do them cautiously & not at a big pace....which is why I don't feel like I get my heart rate up very high....I do like to swim, & will in the summer, but I won't join a y just to use their pool....as far as the weight loss goes, I've been more active with the commitment of the new year, & I have a lot of weapons (equipment) at my disposal, I just think I need to be committed & diligent at exercising regularly & eating (for the most part) properly, and watching portion size.....and seriously cut down on "treats" ice cream is not what I should have in my house....lol!!
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