7 Day Motivational Thread 9/30/13

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  • Goals:
    Keep calories in/out more or less equal (+-500)
    M-982, T-96
    Exercise everyday
    M-10 miles on bike, 7 sets of pushups
    Adequate protein intake
    M-a little low, T-low
    Only hit the bottle once this week
    M-No, T-yes
    Complete at least 50% of daily to-do list
    M-3/11, T-4/8
  • I was hungry tonight and over did it on the pizza, but it tastes so good. I will have to work it off tomorrow. I have a bit of a headache coming on. think I will go to bed early tonight. Maybe by 11 rather then 12

    drink lots of water,y,y
    log everything I eat,y,y
    post at least once a day,y,y
    exercise daily,y ,y
  • Goals
    1. Drink 6 glasses of water yes, yes
    2. Eat sensibly yes, yes
    3. Exercise 4X for 30 min no, yes
    4. Lose 1lb (at least)

    Personal goals
    1. write more
    2. finish cleaning house working on it
    3. work on scrapbook

  • My Goals:
    1) eat clean yes, yes
    2) drink lots of water yes, yes
    3) 3 fruits/veggies per day yes, yes
    4) walk 10 miles 0, 0
  • Good Morning everyone! I had to share that I wound up having my rest day yesterday becasue it had been a week, and when I weighed myself this morning I broke my plateau and was 2lbs down!

    Glad to see the scale moving again - but the stall helped me learn it is more than just the numbers - so all in all I am glad it happened!

    Just. keep. going.

    Log all foods - Yes!
    Lose 1-2lbs this week - YES YES!
    Run longer intervals - Working on it!

    have a great day everyone!
  • Hiya guys

    My goals:
    1) lose some frigging weight - N, N, Y
    2) stop eating so much frigging sugar :N, Y
    3) go to the gym why don't I 3x this week: N, N
    4) stretch DAILY: Y, N
    5) set priorities for work and meet them : Y, Y

    OK see y'all soon, back to work (priority)

    Mern, I haven't been planning (part of my problem) but yesterday I did pretty well ( and finally lost some weight):
    egg salad (one egg) and a clementine for breakfast
    Chicken breast and lettuce on ww sammie (as Mike would say) and grapes for lunch
    one bite of a small cookie my friend gave me (too sweet!)
    Fish, brussels and fennel for dinner
    clementine for snack

    Mern, your menu looks good!

    Mine for today:
    Breakfast was:
    2 free range eggs, scallions,mushrooms, avocado and a tiny bit of goat cheese with one slice of bread and sugar free jam

    Lunch (plan)
    my homemade vegetarian pea soup

    almonds or almond butter

    Making DH homemade falafel but I think I am having turkey burger and salad

  • Kitchen is shiny (including oven and microwave). Living room tidy.
    Laundry needs to be put away and then I can put a check mark beside clean house

    Canadian thanksgiving in a week and a half and my brother, sister-in-law and niece are coming--hence the cleaning.

  • Good to see you all having strong starts to the week, now we all just need to keep it up

    Keep calories in/out more or less equal (+-500)
    M-982, T-96, W-71
    Exercise everyday
    M-10 miles on bike, 7 sets of pushups
    W-Walked 4 miles
    Adequate protein intake
    M-a little low, T-low, W-Good
    Only hit the bottle once this week
    M-No, T-yes, W-No
    Complete at least 50% of daily to-do list
    M-3/11, T-4/8, W-5/8
  • Good evening everyone. I had a busy day. Had to talk to the lawyer and then t he ss office guy. Then I was painting the cieling andgot a call from Wal-Mart for a job interview. THen came home and did some more cieling. Almost through the living room.Looks like I will have enough for the mudroom, then it will be time to do all the trim in white. So very busy going up and down ladders all week.
    ladies it is interseting to see your menues everyday, I don't think I would do well on some of the stuff you eat. Cabbage must be raw or pickled, and same goes for anyothe member of the cabbage family. Great to see the different foods and what you can doe with them.

    drink lots of water,y,y,y
    log everything I eat,y,y,y
    post at least once a day,y,y,y
    exercise daily,y ,y,y
  • Goals:

    1. Eat healthy, M-Y, T-Y, W-Y
    2. Drink water, M-Y, T-so-so, W-Y
    3. Walk, walk, walk. M-2 miles, T-0, W-1 mile

    Ian you are winning the walking challenge so far and not even on it lol.

    Well my day was crazy busy.........long day at work, supper out, massage, shopping (I didn't say it was hard) but because of this thread, I made myself go for a little walk at lunch and it was an awesome beautiful day.

    OMG Jenn I won't clean the house til the last minute....you are on the ball!