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tjclass 07-02-2013 02:51 PM

picky son
Hi All , I have a son that is trying to lose some weight like myself but im finding it very hard to work out some healthy meals for him as he is such a picky eater ...he doesn't like any salad type food like lettace, toms, cucumber, celery,beetroot,peppers etc etc so that's out the question he doesn't like mushrooms or sweetcorn ....he isn't too fussy with hes veg thou he will eat that but I find I get bored eating the same stuff day in day out so would be very grateful for some alternative options ...thanks in advance to anybody willing to help me. ...oh and if ive put this in the wrong place I apologise as im new to this and wasn't quite sure where to go with it.

RenewedSoul 07-02-2013 03:24 PM

One of my kids is very picky, too. Have you tried fixing him fruit dishes? Here is a link to some healthy recipes for picky eaters. They look good. I think I will try some with my kids.

10 Healthy Recipes for Picky Eaters |


tjclass 07-02-2013 03:44 PM

Hi, renewedsoul thanks for replying ...he is very basic with hes fruit aswell he only likes apples pears nd bananas , but I will deff have a look at it :) ....he isn't exactly a little boy either lol he's 19 so you would think he would get a grip nd stop being so choosy lol but i don't want to just leave him to hes own devices as the healthy eating will go out the window and as hes mum i need to help him along the way.

RenewedSoul 07-02-2013 04:32 PM

My oldest son is 21, so I understand. :p Does he like melons? My kids love watermelon and cantaloupe. I know it's hard to get creative, because food can be boring after awhile. Boring food can lead to giving in to all those tempting foods. I have been a vegan for 2 months now, and I basically eat the same thing every day. It is hard. My kids are also eating mostly vegan (except when my husband fixes dinner or sneaks them out to get junk food), but I do fix them lean meats and whole wheat bread. Watermelon is yummy, healthy, and filling. My oldest daughter is picky and 15. I had her make a list of every kind of food she likes and different dishes. I went through her list (very short list) and picked out the healthy items. I try to have stuff she likes that is healthy. I also try to trick her into tasting things "by accident." I made a smoothie the other day and put food coloring in it. It had bananas and strawberries. I "accidentally" dropped spinach leaves in it and "accidentally" forgot to tell her. lol This kinda tricks work on adult kids and even my husband. :p Good luck.

Kwest85blue 07-03-2013 01:59 AM

Green Smoothies?
Have you heard of green smoothies, you use spinach and then a bunch of fruit.. you cant tell there is any spinach at all and offers tons of health benefits. Great fruits to add in are bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc. Then you can add in a protein powder or ground flax seed for extra benefit.

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