Want to gain some weight. I am Skinny.

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Default Want to gain some weight. I am Skinny.

hello, i just want to know the diet which is best suitable for me to gain weight. i am very skinny. i did even join gym past few months but it didn't work, as it was so difficult for me to lift some heavy weight. i am thinking to start it over again but this time i need to put on some weight first than will join the gym. experts please need your suggestions. thank you.
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You could just eat whatever you wanted and go to the gym.

I would suggest you track your macros' for two weeks. Eat what you normally eat just track it as close as you can. After two weeks look at your avg. daily consumption. Increase your intake by 20%. Track for 1 month. Adjust as needed. You may need to increase to 30%. Keep your diet at
80-90% minimally processed foods and the other 10-20% can be your fun foods.
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If you need to gain weight, you should do it in a healthy way.Don't just eat a ton of junk food like pizza, and gulp down sodas.
You need good sources of protein;
Egg whites

Cottage Cheese
Yogurt(particularly Greek yogurt)

Lean Beef

Peanut Butter
Almond Butter
these are also good sources for healthy fats

You are getting carbohydrates from the oatmeal, and beans too of course.

Healthy Fats;
Olive Oil
Nuts, and Nut Butters

You have to eat vegetables, and fruit as well.

You can also make protein shakes.
It's often made from whey.But you can get many kinds of protein powder, and weight gainer powder.Can you have dairy products?

You can put a few scoops of protein powder in a blender with milk, and a banana, or strawberries.
Eat eggs, and oatmeal for breakfast.
Make peanut butter, and banana sandwiches.
Have chicken,rice,and veg for dinner.
Cottage cheese at night.
Just a few ideas.

If would help if you would tell us your age,gender,height,and weight.
And also if you have any food restrictions.
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Fatcapnap has excellent suggestions above. If you are looking to gain weight you are really looking to gain muscle not bodyfat. To do that you need to do weight/resistance training. You said you had trouble lifting heavy weights at the gym. You need to lift heavy for YOU, don't compare yourself to others. Lift weights that allow only 8 repetitions before you can't do another or your form suffers (this is called failure). 8 repetitions have been shown to build strength the fastest. (6 reps build mass fastest, 10+ build endurance.) After you have gained some strength you can increase the weight so you can on do 6 reps to failure.

To build muscle you need protein, you should be getting .75 to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight/day. (If you weight 110 pounds with 10% bodyfat then your lean body weight is 99 and you should have 74 to 100 grams of proteing per day. Eat at a surplus of 200 to 500 calories per day and lift those weights and you will add muscle (and weight) and you will look great too.
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Eat for every 3-4 hours
Drink fruit juices and milk
Have some high calorie snacks like yogurt, milk shakes.

These are the natural ways to gain weight.
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You should definitely look into organizing a proper training program as well as reading up on various "clean bulking" plans. I usually try to set my calories 200-300 over my maintenance while clean bulking and I eat fairly well, things like oats, brown rice, chicken breast, eggs, and various fruits and vegetables.

As for the workout, research shows that light weight for lots of reps builds about the same amount of muscle as heavier weights, it's just lacking the strength gains.

I personally do a mixture of light and heavy bodyweight exercises alternating every second day, so Day 1 heavy, Day 2 rest, Day 3 light, Day 4 rest, etc

As for bodyweight variation, here's some examples:
Chest -
Light: regular pushups for 20-30 reps
Heavy: pseudo-planche pushups for 3-5 reps

Legs -
Light: stepping lunges for 30-40 reps
Heavy: pistol squats for 3-5 reps
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Are you the type of person that even eat plenty and too much still don't get fat easily?
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Do you know how many people are dreaming for metabolism like yours? Eat whatever you want - milk products, red meat, liver, bread, sugar!, eggs, no limits.
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Originally Posted by MarrieAnn View Post
Do you know how many people are dreaming for metabolism like yours? Eat whatever you want - milk products, red meat, liver, bread, sugar!, eggs, no limits.
Even skinny people shouldn't eat junk food. Skinny people get heart disease and cancer. Skinny people get diabetes.

Don't let doctors convince you those are simply diseases of the obese.

Being obese merely gives you a greater risk of such things, but being at a normal weight or underweight does not mean you won't get them.

Eating healthy is important at any weight.
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