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Keily664 09-12-2012 04:12 PM

Need advice!!!
Ok so I'm 14 which means I don't get to choose what goes into the frig.

I need a food plan that is made up of things that are in everybody's frig. like Colby-jack cheese or prepacked deli meats. That sort of thing.




JaimeMWS 09-12-2012 04:31 PM

I recommend the Protein Power approach - figure out how many grams of protein your body needs for growth and to sustain your lean body mass, and make sure to get that spread out over three meals a day. You can get it from any source - eggs, cheese, lunchmeats, etc. Add unlimited low-carb vegetables, lots of water, and limited carbohydrates.
This should work well for breakfast and lunch, which I assume you have control over. Dinner might be a problem, if the cook of your household uses a lot of casseroles to stretch the expensive protein. Do your parents generally cook separate dishes (meat, potatoes, veg) at dinner, or mixed dishes? How much control do you have over what you eat?
There is a variation on this in The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program that basically does no carbs for two meals a day, and all your carbs at a "Reward Meal." So your breakfast would be something like scrambled eggs and mushrooms; lunch a salad with lots of greens and enough protein (from tuna fish, or sliced meats and cheeses); dinner a protein, variety of vegetables, and a small serving of starch.
Both these books are likely at your local public library, so you could calculate your individual needs and limits. It is important to feed your growing body adequate protein, calcium and a variety of nutrients, so be sure to calculate what you actually need rather than going by what someone else eats - my 56-year-old body has different needs than your 14-year-old body :)
Does this sound like it might work with your family's food and cooking choices?

rpmcduff 09-12-2012 07:44 PM

Great information from Jaime!
To supplement her answer you will need .5 grams (if you are not working out) to 1.0 grams (if you are working out heavily) of Protein per pound of LEAN body weight. To calculate your LEAN body weight first find your bodyfat weight by multiplying your weight by your bodyfat percentage. (This doesn't have to be exact and you may have to estimate unless you have had your bodyfat measured.) But to give you an idea, an average trim/fit woman will have a bodyfat percentage around 18%, a fitness model may be 10% or lower, an average woman in todays world will be 25% or greater.

So if you weigh (and these are just number I made up) 140lb with 30% bodyfat then your LEAN bodyweight is 98lbs. (140x.30= 42, 140-42=98). This would mean you would need between 47.5 and 98 grams of protein daily.

Good source of protein are cottage cheese, lean meat (turkey, chicken, pork, beef and fish), and eggs. You can supplement with Protein shakes (you can buy shake mixes at the grocery and Wal-mart) if you aren't getting enough from your meals.

Deli-meats like bologna and salami are notoriously high in fat and sodium(salt) so converting to alternatives like turkey, chicken, and even roast beef will get you the protein you need while limiting the calories from fat.

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