Ideas for making Tuna with out Mayo

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today I mixed tomato flavoured tuna with cottage cheese, tossed through dry coleslaw mix (pretty much shredded cabbage and carrot) it was soooo good.
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I'm a big fan of mixing salsa with tuna too. Fresh or President's Choice salsa. Yum.
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I've started using sour cream or mayo made with olive oil for when I make tuna, egg, or potato salad. The olive oil mayo, in my opinion, tastes just as good as regular and only has about 45 calories per tbsp. I also love adding salsa or sweet relish, dill, and garlic to my tuna salad.
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When I make tuna, I use the solid white packed in water, drain as much as possible, and add dill relish and mustard until it is almost the consistancy I want. Once I've managed that, I add about one tablespoon of light or fat free mayo. This gives the creamy texture I crave from tuna, but packs a lot fewer calroies.

To change up the flavors I may skip the relish, increase the mustard, and add a no salt seasoning blend before I add the mayo. Play around and see where your taste buds lead you . is offline  
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I don't particularly like mayo so I've used AVOCADO for years.

Doesn't necessarily address your calorie issue but, (1) it's good fat instead of bad, (2) it's not replacing fat with processed sugar like the low-fat alternatives and, (3) it tastes GREAT!!

Throw in some fresh tomato salsa -- yeah, I can eat this all day long...
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I use Hellman's Canola mayonnaise - it's lower in calories, without being 'diet.' However, the best thing I have discovered about fats is this: it's all about the mixing! When you have to add a fat and mix it, use less and mix it very, very, VERY well.

Use half what you would normally use and mix twice as long. Then taste and see if you've achieved some taste. If not, add a tiny bit more. And mix very well again - mixing is the key because you can coat the potatoes in a potato salad (for example) with a thin coating of fat, or you can make it a gloppy thick coating of fat. Your choice. The first is less caloric than the second.
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Well Liz my friend eats her tuna (not for me BTW) mixed with pickle relish -she loves it
I USUALLY put chunks of white water packed like 1/3 can on top of gadren salad with
low cal-low salt- fat free Italian dressing ==its a meal with carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cukes -lots & lots of lettuces (all types) red onions and sometimes low sodium sliced beets and hard boiled egg slices-- definately a full meal-- fresh mushrooms in season- every item is not always in each salad -----so use ur imagination --ALL POSSIBILITIES its certain item very fattening -just use those sparingly salad dressing is the big culpret -I use apple cider vinegar and olive oil ******** just by the drop
Happy healthy eating to all
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I made an experiment today. I took 2 tbsp. of chopped dill pickles (saved my sodium all day just for this), 1 tbsp of pickle juice, and mashed/whisked well with 1/4 cup non-fat cottage cheese and then mixed 1/4 cup of water packed tuna with it and 1/2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese. Tasted great on reduced fat wheat thins.
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I like mine with diced spinach, diced cucumber, and balsamic vinegar. It masks the tuna flavor enough that it isn't overpowering, but doesn't outright kill it. Tastes very fresh and crisp. You can add celery too if you like, and salt/pepper as needed.
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Default Tuna recipe

I use one level tablespoon of Miracle Whip and mix one or two tablespoons of slim milk. It makes it more moist and you can't tell the different, it cuts way down on the calories.
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