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lcriswell0421 07-08-2012 06:59 AM

healthier hot dogs
once or twice a week i make a quick and easy dinner for the family, and it's usually something i don't eat so then i have to forage around and find something. which then turns out to be not so quick and easy. one of the staples we go to are hot dogs. i usually buy hebrew national, but they (like almost all hot dogs) are very high in calories, sodium, etc. so i skip them. but last week i read about and tried a healthier hot dog by a brand called Applegate Farms. they make a "super natural beef hot dog" that is half the calories and fat of most brands. they only have 70 calories per dog, 330g sodium (which is way better than most), 6g protein, and 2g saturated fat. i had one then wrapped the rest up in plastic wrap and put them in a container in the freezer. i had another one tonight, just took one out and put it in the microwave for about a minute. the best thing is that even though they are much healthier, they still have great flavor and texture. i would say very comparable to hebrew national and even better than some others. i highly recommend them for your "quick and easy" night at home, bbq's, etc. they are also comparably priced. just google applegate farms and go to their store finder to see where they sell them near you. happy eating! :D

canary52 07-08-2012 10:15 PM

They also make good nitrite free cold cuts and good sausages; the chicken appple ones rock.

Kathy13118 07-09-2012 03:23 PM

Morningstar Farms makes a vegetarian corn dog that is about as close as I get to a hot dog these days. It's nowhere near as juicy as a real hot dog but close enough - still tasty! And I'm not even a vegetarian (I find a lot of vegetarian stuff is lower in calories...)

wildbeanerz 07-09-2012 03:43 PM

I have been eating Ball Park Fat Free all beef franks. 50 cals per hot dog and 0% fat. 430mg sodium. They are a very good alternative.

Side note...we tried Oscar Meyer turkey hot dogs this weekend and they were not a win. :(

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