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Default False Label

I have been trying to eat more whole grains in my diet. I've enjoyed bulgur wheat, oatmeal, etc. and I just got some buckwheat from the store. I remembered reading that popcorn was a whole grain too. So I was looking in the popcorn section for something that might be decent in terms of healthiness or calories.

One package stood out, because it said "healthy" and "100 calories". I think it was some kind of Jolly Time. I thought "Ok this looks pretty good." but I knew that wasn't enough. I had to read the actual nutrition facts label. So I looked on the nutrition facts and found out that it was actually 110 calories per serving (not 100) and that in the list of ingredients, it had hydrogenated oil.

Another laughable moment was when you read the ingredients list, the first ingredient listed was "whole grain corn". All popcorn is whole grain, duh! The other labels didn't have this obvious fact listed. I think it was put there just to make people feel good about eating something with hydrogenated oil or to fool people into thinking that the popcorn was more healthy than it really was.

So, in conclusion, it was neither 100 calories, nor healthy.

Don't be fooled by slick packaging.

There was another type of light popcorn that was 130 calories per serving, with no hydrogenated oil that was a store brand, and while it didn't list it that way, yes, the popcorn was "whole grain".
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I use a NordicWare microwave popper and it works great. I can pop without any oil and I've been lucky enough to find organically grown popcorn at my local market.

Corn and soybeans have the highest amount of pesticides and much of it is GMO. Since I eat so much of them I have switched to organic. Your best bet is to switch to popping your own and forget about bagged popcorn.
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I don't eat it very often but that's good information to know. Thanks.
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