Who knows their stuff about water??

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Default Who knows their stuff about water??

Hi friends!

With the start of my weight loss, came my unhealthy diet. I kept a diet of 900 calories out of pure stupidity, because I knew how little that was, I was just dangerously obsessed with losing weight. I guess this was my body's way of telling me it was bad. My body shut down, and I was never hungry because my body was running on my fat that already existed, making me never want to eat, because I already felt full. Now I'm getting close to the point where I'm trying to force myself to eat to get a few hundred calories instead of zero.

One thing I've noticed with this appetite loss, is that I've been craving water all the time! My mouth always gets dry after 40 minutes of not drinking water, so I have it as much as possible. Why is this happening? I'm wondering, why does our body need water? What does it really do to help us lose weight, and why to we gain water weight with it?

With all the so called "flavored zero calorie waters" many know that this is unhealthy because of the artificial sweeteners, and added ingredients. Does anyone know something that is healthy to add to water, even if it does have calories, but some nutrition at the same time without hidden bad ingredients? Maybe it could help add to my calorie count.

Thanks guys!
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I use lemon or cucumber slices. I find when I use lemon I don't have to pee as often. Might be all in my mind but somedays it is quite entertaining. As most people are chronically dehydarated when we start drinking your body sends a signal that we need a continuous supply.
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First -- it sounds like you're in a very dangerous place. Please, if possible, talk to a doctor about your caloric intake, and the problems you're facing with it.

Secondly, there are basically two kinds of "thirst". One is for pure water -- H2O -- and one is for the attendant minerals -- aka electrolytes -- that are lost when we lose water. Chief among them being potassium. When I have a thirst that won't quench, I drink some Electrolyte Water from Trader Joe's (It's a Trader Joe's brand thing), and that usually does the trick.

You could also try buying some seltzer water, and making your own "fizzes": Fill a pint-glass with 1 shot Pomegranate juice (or some other strong juice of your choice -- that's just my fav) and fill the rest with sparkling water. (This doesn't have all the artificial chemicals of the packaged drinks, DOES have the nutrition from the fruit, but doesn't boost your juice-intake over the recommended limits.)

Water serves many functions in our body, including literally washing away waste-products. If your electrolyte balance is off OR if you're not taking in enough water, your body will start retaining water, and you'l notice swelling/bloating. That's a sign you need to drink more. And it's essential in weight-loss, because otherwise the burned off fat just... sits there. It can't leave your body (and show up as pounds lost) until you drink enough water to flush it out of your body.
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Number one see a doctor and tell him or her what happened and that you want to make sure you didn't damage yourself.

Second make sure you get some food with your water, you don't want to poison yourself by drinking too much with no food.

Third you can add a liquid multivitamin dose to your water (don't overdose, just take one dose a day). I don't think artificial sweeteners are that bad for you to be honest if you don't overdo them, but that's up to you to decide. There's always stevia or a small amount of honey if you want a natural sweetener. You can use herbal teas, regular tea, cucumber, lemon, or lime to flavor your water too. You could also drink watered-down fruit juices.
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