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olives...5 lil 1s are a great snack for me.

homemade granola or a brand that is healthy is good too. oats r so good 4 you and the 'right' kind of carbs. sunflower seeds, pecans and/or almonds are in there as well so u get protein.

edamame (immature soybeans). just boil in salted water. yum

avocado. w so much in season i'd toss some diced avocado w tomatoes, onions n cucumbers. make a quick cilantro vinaigrette (olive oil base) and u r good too good. i really like avocado w turkey or chicken as well. veg soup w diced avocado put in right before serving. very mexican thing to do w avocado n so delicious/nutritious it's worth a try....if ya like avocados.

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I like 1/4 cup of cashews, that has 160 calories I think. And I like Kroger Carb Master Yogurts, 60 calories per yogurt cup and they have some good flavors. A whole can of starkist tuna in water is 100 calories if you drain it and don't add anything to it and just eat it out of the can with a fork.

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I'll just add goji berries.

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This is probably not a good idea for many, but a few salted peanuts seems to help me when I am hungry late at night. I know some people are allergic to peanuts and others will eat too many. But I just eat a small amount and drink some diet green tea or a diet soft drink and it stops my hunger for a while.
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Buffalo jerky
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3oz can of tuna and celery or 3 whole grain crackers. Can of Kipper snacks. Fish may have more fat but it is the good fat and the high protein will keep you full longer
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I use a whey protein shake when I need something to sustain me. I will make them up from the powder and take it to the office. 120 calories with water , more with 1% milk. Helps to make up for having to have a late meal and often I'll find I'm not really very hungry when I get time for dinner.

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I eat celery with sunflower seed or soy butter. I just try not to dip into the jar so I don't end up eating more than I want.

Liquid eggs with salsa is super low cal but a ton of protein.

I also try to cut up a bunch of veggies to snack on all week.

Puffed brown rice or red wheat puffs mixed into greek yogurt is really good. It's way less cals than granola but gives me the crunch! I want!

A really low cal treat I like is sugar/gelatin free jello with cool whip! I'm a low carber but if my macros are good I will slice a peach and eat it with cool whip too!

I usually eat late at night and if I want something sweet I take two pieces of 50 cal ww bread, dip them in liquid egg whites to make french toast in a nonstick pan and then drizzle a 1/2 serving of sugar free syrup over them. Sometimes I sprinkle with a little cinnamon for a grand total of 145 calories, 2g fat, 25 carbs and 14g protein.

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I'm a big fan of veggies and hummus. (fresh green beans, sweet peppers, snap peas dipped into whatever flavor hummus you desire. My favorites are the garlic or roasted red pepper Fresh fruit is a great snack but then you have the sugar - natural sugars of course, but still extra carbs.
I'll also have some chocolate soy milk if I get an irrational craving for some chocolate. Surprisingly yummy.
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An 8 ounce glass of vegetable juice (low sodium and 50 cals.) first, and then hot air popcorn (with sprayed 'butter') does the trick for me, every time.

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