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Yogurt veggie dip and salsa on cheese rice cakes. Genius!!!!

I've been on a fairly restricted diet but at night when I get cravings I like low sodium veggie broth in a large coffee cup. It satisfies my salty cravings, fills me up, and is only 5 calories.

This could be a snack or a meal - whole wheat sandwich thins with a healthy spread of tomato paste (no HFCS), and a grilled veggie boca burger, with lettuce and onion. It's only like 210 in calories and satisfies that fastfood sandwich craving.

Breakstone's Liv Active 2% Cottage Cheese with dried chives or dill mixed in.

And of course, my favorite, 40 Spices Tribe Hummus. All Day. Any day.

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I like ricotta cheese with cinnamon, a few apple slices and a teaspoon of agave nectar or stevia to sweeten. Half a cup of ricotta has about 140 calories and 16g of protein.

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oh, if you're not already having protein shakes, you could make thicker shakes (almost like a milkshake) as dessert. I love 1 1/2 cups nonfat milk, scoop chocolate protein powder, and a banana that I've cut up before hand and put in the freezer. The frozen fruit makes a thick shake. You can even add a TB of peanut butter for some extra flavor and creaminess. I make these and other kinds for breakfast most days and it literally feels like I'm having a milkshake for breakfast!
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Cottage cheese with a little Splenda and cinnamon. I know it sounds disgusting, but don't knock it until you try it. =)

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Default Snack combos

I am a huge fan of eating 5-6 mini-meals instead of 3 large meals. My blood sugar tends to drop quickly, and I get wicked crabby if I wait too long to eat! I also get headaches, dizzy, and just feel blah. If I eat every 3 hours, I avoid all of those yucky symptoms and also avoid making bad choices or eating too much!

My favorite mini-meals or snacks are:
- Cottage cheese with vegetables
- An apple with reduced-fat peanut butter
- Greek or low-carb yogurt with Fiber One and fruit
- Vegetables and hummus
- A smoothie with frozen fruit, yogurt, and a little juice (or peanut butter banana, yum!)
- Skim milk with protein powder
- Almonds with high-fiber cereal and raisins or other dried fruit (make your own trail mix)
- Mini-Baybel Light Cheese or Laughing Cow Cheese with high-fiber crackers

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hi things i tend to snack on at work are
apple and cheese
lean deli meats
i find any of these to satisfy my hunger between meals, i find eating them before i get too hungry to be helpful.
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Snacks that work for me:

Rice cakes
Laughing cow light cheese
Lean Ham (sodium high though)

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If I'm really hungry I usually pop a handful of almonds and that does the trick for an hour or two. The protein bars typically have a lot of calories, but will also do the trick. I started using them after a workout since I'm trying to maintain my weight right where I'm at. I also like carrots and hummus...
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you know, I sometimes just boil a dozen eggs and keep them handy. I eat the whites and throw away the yolks. if you eat one white about every hour, you will not be hungry. It is only about 20-24 calories. And you can keep them in the frig at work in the carton. :]

Yes, people think i'm weird!
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I like Kashi Go lean is kind of granola-y.

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