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Frozen I can easily go overboard on them more than anything I eat. I feel like there should be some kind of movement for mothers to give their kids bowls of blueberries instead of ice cream. It tastes freaking awesome and is JUST LIKE ice cream after you let it thaw a lil bit (3-5 min).
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Originally Posted by wannabefitgrl
Just wondering if anyone has more original or new ideas for snacks? I do the cottage cheese, tuna, greek yogurt, eggs, etc. Even if I have a range of 10-12 snack staples, I'd like to mix it up with something new every now and then. I've done a little searching online, but most websites list the same things I'm already eating.

Just looking for new ideas if anyone has them!
Have you tried soy nuts? They come in different flavors, and although they aren't on my top ten list of snacks they are a bit addictive in their own right.

We also like to make/eat frozen smoothie pops in this house. I just make up a batch of smoothies (with or without protein powder) and toss it into the popsicle maker. Actually in order to make smoothie pops, I have to make 2-3 batches of smoothies because the first couple get slurped down before they make it to the freezer. My kids hear a blender and they just come a running, I draw a crowd much faster than the ice cream man - seriously.

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Right now this is my fave. I cant get them all year long but I went to our local farmers market this week and picked up some fresh organic fruit. If you're off the processed sugar then you know these are like candy. I indulged in three of these yesterday and fit day says a med. peach is only 35cal. If I'm craving a dessert I picked up a box of low cal "So Delicious" coconut milk ice cream sandwiches. 100cal/3.5g fat each. This is for the after dinner cravings and they are good very good.

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I love to snack on frozen veggies especially corn, broccoli and green beans! I eat them frozen which I know is a bit strange, but to me they taste better uncooked. It also helps with those ice cream cravings I get that cold icy illusion and they are much sweeter uncooked. I also love pickles. Popcorn is also a big one for me.

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as much sugar free jello as my heart desire. (there is nothing in it)

Thats it... if you know of another snack with no sugar (carbs) or fat in it let me know.
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I love this time of year, all kinds of fresh produce in season. Past few days I've been slicing a whole cucumber, spread it out to cover a plate, a little salt, and munch like potato chips. 19 calorie snack for TV and computer watching time, or on the side with a nice whole grain sandwich. So refreshing in this heat too. Blueberries are in season too, excellent popcorn replacement.

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If you like salsa, use your cucumber "chips" to it up. The crunch makes you feel like you are really eating the chips!

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Oikos makes a chocolate 4-pack; it's wonderful with raspberries or strawberries. I haven't been able to find the

Also, I stir half a scoop of chocolate protein powder into some Greek yogurt and dip strawberries or bananas in it. You could stir some chopped almonds in if you don't want the carbs from the fruit.

Finally, peanut butter and other nut butters are my best friend (love them on celery). I can say in all honesty that one thing I did differently this time that I feel contributed to being able to finally lose the weight and keep it off, was to incorporate more healthy fats into my diet. I was always fat-phobic before, but the more research I did on monounsaturated fats, the more convinced I was that I needed to get them in, so PB it is! There is a brand called Naturally More that has even more protein than normal PB, and it's got other goodies like flaxseed in it as well.

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- cold pickled beets
- black olives
- celery with a little peanut butter stuffed in it
- deviled eggs
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Frozen Sugar Free Jello is my best friend!

It is so good especially on these hot South days. Us Southern Women get the Vabors!!!!!!

The little cups are just enough and taste like a nice treat. Gets you some extra water in too.

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