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Dried edamame -- I get this at Costco
Frozen edamame in individual containers - also at Costco
Baby carrots (sometimes with ff ranch)
Broth or a low-cal soup that I reheat when I want a little
Cottage cheese
Kashi Autumn wheat cereal
Refried beans
Micro popcorn
Canned fruit
Frozen fruit
Baked potato
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Here are a few healthy choice snacks to keep on hand:

celery stuffed with peanut butter
string cheese
I make a huge pot of vegetable soup and have it on hand. It's easy (just pop in microwave) and very healthy.
Laughing Cow cheese w/whole wheat crackers
small bran muffin with cup of tea
100-calorie pack of cookies (if you can resist the temptation to eat the whole box :-) Whole wheat toast with smear of nut butter w/cup of tea
baby carrots with Ranch dressing
ham slice on cracker
canned fruit w/tablespoon or two of cottage cheese
small corn tortilla with sprinkle of grated cheese, melted in microwave

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I have found that I need a snack in the afternoon to tide me over until dinner. Some things I keep on hand:
Bell Peppers
Low fat cheese
90 calorie granola bar
small apple
small banana
Lightly salted shelled pumpkin seeds (pepitos)
Natural Peanut Butter

Also, I tried the Wasa Crisp 'N Light crackers for the first time this week and love them. They're only 60 calories for three LARGE crackers. Have these with some light tuna salad, hummus, low fat cheese, a little peanut butter, etc.

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Here are some snacks that I eat:
Loose granola (Bear Naked Brand, etc.)
Mozzerella string cheese
Nonfat yogurt
Shelled pumpkin seeds
Natural applesauce (Motts makes these nice little individual cups)
Granola bars (Nature Valley Oats and Honey and Kaishi TLC Trail mix, I love both)
Oranges (I love clementines)
Cherry tomatoes

...and most of all, WATER. I have a 32oz water bottle that I always keep with me. I drink 3-4 fills daily. Drinking lots of water helps keep you from getting hungry.

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I have some of the 100 Calorie snacks like crasins, Clemintines, Apples, String cheese. I try have the snacks prepackaged so I don't have to worry about over eating the serving size. Also I have diabetes, so when my blood sugar starts to drop it is easier to grab things already packaged.

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glass of vegetable and fruit juice-200ml-98cals
vitasoy lite 250mls and small banana smoothie 110cals
small tin of tuna canned in spring water mixed with lettuce leaves 105cals
cup of tea with 1 piece of whole grain toast with tomato or marmite on top-92cals
big bowl of chopped watermelon and yogurt-? low cal
hope that helps-thats all i snack on

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A small bowl of fat free Yoplait vanilla yogurt mixed w/ plain bite size shredded wheat.

Whole wheat thin bun with either a little peanut butter on it or I'll use avocado with hot sauce.

Fat Free Vanilla yogurt smoothies with varying ingredients-frozen blue berries,
bananas, sometimes I'll add a little peanut butter. Or I'll add some low fat chocolate soy milk instead of 1% milk. Very filling, usually gets me through the later half of the day. I bought one of those mini blenders for smoothies- makes it way easy.

I'm always munching on fruit- depending what's in season.

I try to stay away from trail mix- I usually woof the whole bag if I'm not careful and blow up my calorie intake.
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Default Snack recipe

I live in a family of tortilla chip aficianados. I've done this recipe a few times now and it seems to go over pretty well:

Take a package of whole wheat pita bread (you can use other kinds if you prefer; I just bought onion and am going to try that this weekend). Cut the pitas into triangles or strips and separate the layers. Place on a cookie sheet and spray with olive oil (I use a mister), then season with a pinch of kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper, or oregano...or any combination that sounds good to you. Bake at 350 till just brown and crispy.

These are great with salsa, hummus, or any other kind of dip that you prefer. They seem more satisfying than tortilla chips to me, are much healthier, and are a lot less expensive than the pita chips in stores.

I have used the "Pam" olive oil version and it's okay...just more chemicals than the olive oil in a mister.

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For me, snacks are very important. Some of the things I eat alot of are:

cucumbers (very filling and low cal)
cottage cheese (high protein and fat free)
100 calorie bagels (very filling)
sugar free chocolate pudding (still very rich)
Sugar free jello (basically a free food)
carrot sticks with fat free ranch
Bananas (easy to carry in purse)
natural apple sauce
Kashi Sunshine cereal (very yummy finger food)
Special K protein plus cereal with 1/2 cup skim milk (feels like a meal)
Wheat thins
Greek yogurt (very high protein)

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I usually have almonds, yogurt, carrots, raisins and oranges around to stave off my cravings. Having things that you can eat raw around is better than having to cook or prepare something all the time.
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