I am addicted to potato chips!

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Originally Posted by frenchhen3
You are stronger than the chips! You have lost 30 POUNDS!!! My goodness! I am so proud of you! Puppy, go to the dog food aisle or the birdseed aisle at the grocery store and go lift up one of those 30 pound bags of dog food, or birdseed. It's big and dead weight. You have LOST THAT MUCH!!! I often times go to the feed store and plop a 40 pound bag of horse chow on my shoulder and walk around the store with it and then put it back and leave, just to remind myself how much I have accomplished. Perhaps that can be your motivation to "just do it" when it comes to the "trigger foods"?
I like this. Recently I picked up 2 twenty pound containers of kitty litter and thought "I used to walk around with this all day long" and "I wonder how much of it was actually around my gut?". That's a good motivating tool, for sure.
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Default I know the feeling

I am new to the fitday boards...though not new to dieting or dieting message boards. When I saw your post I had to reply.

Like you, I am a chip-aholic. Tons of good advice posted here...but I know when that urge comes if it's there you give in to them..and it often starts a whole array of cravings. At least for me. The past month I experienced some of the strongest cravings for chips and other carbs that I've had in many years. A knee injury has prevented exercise and perhaps that had something to do with it. Not sure but whatever it was as many things as I tried I could not control it. Even the Kale chips which usually works did not satisfy.Then I ordered the saffron extract supplement I had seen on Dr. Oz. It did nothing the first 5 days. Day 6 was much better and now after 12 days I have no cravings for anything. I am not one for pills or miracle cures..but it might be worth a try for you.
Good luck
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There are so many good suggestions here! I just want to say that I am in a similar situation to yourself. My boyfriend whom I live with buys all kinds of junk food and he will eat it right in front of me. I don't ask him not to buy it, and I have to use self restraint to keep myself from eating it too. Sometimes it is too hard and I just give in. I highly recommend buying yourself something that you can eat when you just can't keep yourself from giving in.
(this is not when I'm on the HCG diet, because I can't eat anything even close to a potato chip on the diet) I buy goldfish crackers because they have a very large serving size for a lot lower calories than regular chips.
I also buy the quaker "quakes" I like the ranch and the sea salt and black pepper flavors. They are pretty low fat and I think they taste pretty good. My boyfriend will even eat them and he is VERY finicky.
Another suggestion you might try is instead of eating chips eat some green beans, garbonzo beans, or white kidney beans. I know that this is a poor substitution for chips, but trust me. Half a can and you feel full and don't want to eat chips anymore. But you should always have a low calorie substitute for yourself in case you have a weak moment. I hope some of this helps...
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See if your digestive system tolerates Olestra - try the LIGHT potato chips that Lay's makes with this. Not everyone likes them. I love them. It's my junk food 'fix' for when I crave salty and crunchy AND fatty.
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I also love chips. It's something about the crunch and salt. I buy the one or two ounce bags from Sam's. It still gives me my chips, but it limits my quanity. I wish you luck on beating your potato chip addiction.

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Try to avoid potato chips it will increase your body fat
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Default Homemade potato chips

Hi! I too love potato chips!
i read from a newspaper about this Microwave DIY potato chip maker/vegetable slicer crisp. maybe you can search the internet for this.
it says that you can make your own potato chips minus the oil.
this is good for us who diet! You might want to try it.
I was not able to buy one since it is not available in out country
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Default janellen5

I had the same dilema. My husband finally conceded not to eat them in front of me and hide them
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Is your wife somehow invested in you being overweight? It would really bother me if my spouse was not considerate enough to make a small and probably temporary accommodation to support my health. Surely she can eat chips at work or other places where the temptation is not there for you.

If you can even have one day of a "victory" I think it will go a long way to being stronger the next day and then the next. Good luck.
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Default 34 day chip free!

As the title says 34 days chip free!

Was lardpuppy now centerx.
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