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  • Hey runbikeski it kinda was an advantage to cut back. I dont really have a huge social life- through the week i have a few good friends who visit for a coffee but weekends i prefer to spend them with my partner. I used to find that drinking at home with friends and family used to be a bit OTT-lets just say my house became somewhere for people to come and use just for a place to get drunk. We didnt enjoy that and so we began to keep it how we like it. Just the 2 of us,drinking at a sensible pace and listening to the music we want and singing along. We havent done it for months now but instead we have found a lovely quiet bar where we can have a couple on an afternoon and come home-merry but not totally wrecked. It has slowed me down weight loss wise but if i just stick to my allowance i can still lose it,just takes alot more hard work!
    Ive learnt now just to drink if im really in the mood not just because its the weekend. Now if i have a drink its worth it because i dont do it often and its more of a pleasure,it actually tastes much better when i drink now because i dont do it as much. But i do also know just after 2 and im tipsy. Ive grown up alot nd left the binge drinking behind. Im 25 with kids. Others friends still like to get drunk every weekend but i dont want to be hungover when kids return home-its not fair to lie on sofa being ill when they want to play. Im not saying im never going to have a wild one again i will but not to the point when im totally wrecked i cant move. Ive learnt when to stop- i know when ive had enough now. Ive also figured out that drinking is a thing to be enjoyed in moderation but not as a way to block emotions and please others. This is where the problems start. I was always known as the party girl who knows how to let her hair down but it gets boring after a while now im seen as fun with or without the alcohol! I just think theres more to fridays and saturdays now instead of the boozing. Like enjoying the peace and lie ins til kids get back! Bliss
  • Wow Tracy,
    I am really impressed. You express maturity beyond your years. As a former party girl myself, like you I have just found new ways to let my hair down that don't come back to haunt me the next morning - it just took me a little longer.

    You go girl!

  • Thanks Pam Im really proud of who i am on the inside and glad that i stand firm to my morals and priorities. All i got to do is learn how to love what i look like on the exterior and ill be ready to go out there and live my life just how i want to!!!
  • Quote: Sometimes there is a little shame involved when we realize that we are drinking more than is "recommended" or "healthful" (How many of you have fudged the alcohol consumtion questions on health questionairs? - I certainly have.)
    The consumption questions I recall ask how many drinks per week. I not only generally fudge on that number but also think about the fact that those drinks are not really "per week" but all on Friday and/or Saturday!
  • bringing this thread back again...
    Hi Everyone,

    What a great thread. I had to dig to find it though. I'm glad there are a few winos on this diet forum. hahaha. So, have you all been able to limit or forgo the alcohol since May? Since I'm on Atkin's Induction now, I've had to completely eradicate wine from my diet. It's sheer craziness. I used to have a glass with dinners (and not a and maybe a little more on the weekends (you do the math..), and now, there is none.

    And I love wine! Bring on the reds, the whites, and the sparklings! Food pairing with dinners make an excellent compliment to both the dinner and the wine. Ahh... wine.... It's a toss up between adding red wine (4.1 carbs per 3.5 oz) or nuts to my diet when I move out of the Induction phase. However, Atkin's (and other low-carb diets) recommends adding clear alcohols over wine - boo.

    Has anyone been able to successfully integrate a healthy (lol) amount of wine into their diets?
  • yay for Wine!!
    I was so glad to find this thread. I've been using FitDay now for 3 weeks and was saddened to see how many carbs and calories are in my beloved wine. I love to have a glass or two every evening and budgeted them into my daily intake. I however am one that loves to consume all manners of cheese with my wine so sabotage #1 right there. I have taken to vodka and water with a lemon instead. More water than vodka. it's about 1/2 the calories of wine and none of the carbs.
    I too am doing the Atkins and Praise Jeebus, you can have cheese!!
    I have the added stressor that I own 2 bar/restaurants and the salesmen are always trying to sell me the latest and the greatest. talk about your double edged sword. Oh well, it's a dirty job but someone has to taste it!! lol!!
    Bottom line for me is I simply have to budget the calories and then limit the amount to one or two tops!!

    Good luck everyone, Beth W
  • Beth,

    Oh, poor you! Having to taste test all that wonderful wine! I got off Induction today, so I'm now trying to figure out which wine I would like as my celebration wine. I'll have to have it at a restaurant (most likely my sushi joint) though, because if I bring a bottle home... umm... the bottle would probably be in the recycling the next day. lol.

    The vodka switch sounds intimidating. I do like vodka & grapefruit or vodka & pomegranate, but no fruit juices are allowed... hmm...

    Hope you're having a good one!
  • Hey Iceland

    If you drink a really good vodka(I like Grey Goose) there is very little taste. And if you have it in a really cool martini glass with an olive and just sip it it's really quite fun retro! Remember tho, 1/2 vodka, 1/2 water shake on ice and pour. that way you get 2 drinks for about 120 cal and no carbs. Wine as you know, depending on the size of your glass (and mine are never petite) is at least 110 per glass plus the carbs.
    However a dry white is your best bet for atkins friendly. I prefer a good Pinot Noir myself but like you, the bottle WILL be in the recycling in the morning!!
    Ah well, Good luck and if you're ever in the phoenix area, I LOVE sushi!!!
  • I'll have to try it. I'm going out for korean food. I wonder how many cals are in soju - it's clear and I'm guessing it's safe. I'll have to look it up.

    Before this whole trying to lose weight thing, I was exploring the world of red Zin's. I was living out in Napa before the movie "Sideways" came out, and I loved Pinot Noirs. However, after that movie a lot of the vineyards decided that they should try a hand at Pinot Noir's and cash in on the good press that the grape was receiving (often with terrible results!). Still a great grape though, if you find a good winery.

    "Petite" -- love it. Hahaha. I don't know anyone who actually drinks petite glasses (unless they ordered by the bottle).
  • I have to admit, I go through stages with wine. My first love was Merlot, then a lengthy affair with Cab, and now the Pinot Noir. You're right tho, there a alot of marginal/bad ones out there. My new fav is the Benziger from Sonoma valley. It isn't terribly remarkable but it isn't a wine you have to "think" about.

    Hope your Korean was good. I have yet to find a good one in my area.
    I'm having terrible carb cravings today. I think I'll just go take a nap!!


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