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VitoVino 10-02-2011 04:21 PM

Finally... a solution for crappy peaches
I've gotten some great peaches this summer. I feel amazingly lucky! Most years the peaches are dry, tasteless, not sweet, and have that previously frozen texture. They fail on many levels.

So after my "lucky summer" I finally struck out and got hold of the disgusting kind, as just described. What to do? Well, I just started drinking smoothies. Never made them before.

So I've been mixing one of these disgusting peaches in with a banana, some strawberries, green tea, and vanilla whey protein and making some very tasty smoothies, in spite of the contemptible peach. It sure beats throwing them in the trash. ;)

RunbikeSki 10-03-2011 01:02 AM

Hey Vino,
I hear you about lousy peaches even our farmers market doesn't always have great peaches (and I live in So. Calif!)
So to compensate, I've been buying frozen peaches for ages. It isn't quite the same as biting into a fresh peach, but they are always full of flavor and great on cereal, in yogurt, or fruit salads. I don't know that I could even stand a lousy peach in a smoothy. I guess it would depend what else is in there.

VitoVino 10-05-2011 02:44 AM

That's a GREAT idea, Pam. Thanks!

I didn't know frozen peaches were available. I'm going to look for them. Frozen would be PERFECT for smoothies, not only for the flavor and nutrition but also it would help make the smoothie cold, compensating for the room temperature banana I use in *every* smoothie!

I don't do canned peaches because of all the additives.

FYI the lousy peaches I got recently were from California according to the guy I asked at the supermarket. I asked him "What does 'SF' mean?" He didn't know, but said they were from California. San Francisco perhaps? Anyway, they sucked, so bad, that I would have thrown them away had it not been for mixing in with smoothies. I also threw in some raspberries with the banana, just to hide the crappy peach taste.

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