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ripemango 08-24-2011 03:21 AM

i think your recipe was intended for green circular Le Sueur type peas. I do like peas, especially English Le Sueur peas. When I cook those I agree on only cooking for about 10 mins. I have never grown these though.

I used one of the kind of peas we have this year, which is Mississippi Cream peas (kinda a cross between crowder and purple hull peas that are just a little bit sweeter). I skinned, juiced, and pureed 6 red tomatoes. Didn't have a jalapeno, so I used 1/3 can rotel with lime cilantro. Of course I cooked them for a couple hours or so.
Btw, anytime I can use onion and olive oil I do. Love em both!
I've always liked these peas for breakfast with an egg over easy. Goes without saying that cornbread is great with these peas too.
Thank you for sharing your recipe Vino :) I didn't douse these peas with hot sauce at all. Haaaha

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