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vixxycrowe 02-20-2010 11:56 PM

Sinful Salad to trick your mind into thinking you are being bad but you really aren't
Buffalo style chicken salad.

Get your fave lettuce although I suggest using raw spinach because it is way more nutritional. Tear or chop about 1 cup worth. Put it in a tupperware container/bowl that you can put a lid on.

boneless skinless chicken from the freezer section I like using the tenders because 1 is about a serving and only 90ish calories. cut it into small pieces and set aside.

Coat frying pan with spam cooking spray whatever flavor you like I like butter and it has 0 fat and 0 calories. Add chicken and cook it completely on med-high heat usually takes less than 7 min depends on how large the pieces you put in were. turn the heat to low and then add 1 table spoon of frank's hot wing sauce or your fave kind as long as it is low in calories and/or fat.

Make sure all the chicken has been relatively coated and then remove from heat.

Fat free ranch- 2 table spoons. I usually hate fat free dressings but the combo of the hot sauce when you shake the chicken in with the salad and the dressing it cuts out that really weird taste that seems like fat free stuff has. Add other low cal veggies that you like to bowl as well I usually just have the lettuce itself with the chicken.

Put the lid on the bowl and shake well so that you can coat the mixture as much as possible.

Voila relatively sinful tasting treat at less than 150 calories and good for you as well!

Don't get me wrong nothing beats the real thing but when you are like me and you have high cholesterol and just can't have the good stuff anymore this tastes absolutely wonderful to the normal drab diet items that you usually eat.

fas350z 03-02-2010 12:18 PM

Sounds good !! Running off to get some chicken and Hot Sauce :p

Zenseeker1968 03-16-2010 10:04 AM

'breaded' turkey alternative
Here's another option you might want to consider:

Instead of chicken, buy a breast of turkey. Slice it up into "fingers".... Roll it in your favorite low calorie salad dressing, whatever that may be. Pour some bran flakes into a baggie and crush them with a rolling pin or glass. Then, put the 'fingers' in the bag and shake. Afterward, bake them until done (I think it takes about 20 minutes at 400 degrees). VERY good :) You could then add this to your lettuce....

pattialbert 03-16-2010 06:27 PM

tried this a couple of weeks ago and its very good.....BUT,,,,I didnt check the sodium levels in my hot sauce and my weight was up 3 pounds . Will have to find another sauce to try...

almeeker 03-16-2010 07:47 PM

I do something similar but with salsa. Put the salsa in a saute pan, add the chicken and simmer for a while. When the chicken is cooked through I shred it with a pair of forks and put it back in the pan. I generally make a good sized pile of it and then throw it in the fridge and use it for taco salad and Sonora Omelets. The chicken can be served hot or cold, and tossed with fat free sour cream or Greek yogurt.

Good heads up on the chicken sticks. Rachel Ray has a recipe for Honey Nut Chicken sticks that I LOVE, maybe I'll try and convert it to low-fat, low-cal now that I see your recommendation. Yummmm, chicken sticks here I come.

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