Are These Snacks/Foods Okay???

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Default Are These Snacks/Foods Okay???

When I was eating all the not-so-good stuff, I still ate rather healthy meals. The thing was I would cheat big time on the weekend or in every evening. The kids are in bed at 8:30 and I feel that it is okay to have a bowl of ice cream or sugary cereal. I am through with that now. I was talking to a co-worker (she eats healthy by the way) the other day, and she said that she has a snack idea.

Popcorn popped on the stove top. About 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and some kernels, pop it and sprinkle with sea salt. She brought me some today, and it was very good. IS THIS SNACK OKAY OR NOT?

My wife and I eat corn on the cob about once or twice every two weeks. Is corn bad for you? I know it is a veggie, but not the best choice, etc. IS CORN OKAY OR NOT?

Provide any ideas you have.

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I love popcorn, and as far as healthy snacks go it's okay so long as you don't need to be on a low carb diet. It's also a little risky if you need to be on a low sodium diet as most of us tend to like it with salt and plenty of it. Personally I've found that I can do popcorn, but not every day. When I eat it too often it stalls me out. An even lighter version than your co-worker brought you would be air popped corn with a spritz of spray butter, yum yum yum.... And if you toss a little parm on top of that, it's a real treat for not too many calories.

With corn on the cob, personally I love it and will be eating it non-stop as soon as the garden comes in. I plant it in shifts so I don't end up with the whole patch coming done at once. Although admittedly I like it rolled for a minute in boiling water (so nearly raw) without butter or salt, and I limit myself to a pair of ears/day and no more than 4 times/week. I also cut it off the cobs and freeze it and we eat it the rest of the year that way. However most of the year I limit my intake to 1/2 cup servings, and I try very hard not to eat it more than 3X/week because it is rather high in carbs and there is the controversy over weather or not it's a grain or a vegetable. For my own mind I call it a vegetable when its soft kernels, and a grain once the kernels are hard. But there are many that argue that it's a grain no matter the state. Corn is really one of those things that is good for you up to a point and bad for you after that point. And given that corn starch and corn syrup are in so many products, it's very easy to consume way too much of it.

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There really isn't an answer as to "okay or not okay." Everyone has different thoughts, and last I checked, no scientific agency or dietetic organization or physician's council has published a list of "okay/not okay" foods.

Basically, my thought is that the less processed something is, the better it is. Your popcorn is much better than microwaved stuff, with all its chemicals and artificial flavorings, so long as you have portion control; some may demonize the corn on the cob as too carb-laden, but my opinion is that if it grows in the ground and can be brought to you with minimal processing, it's nothing to get your panties in a wad about.

Bottom line: Do what works for you. Eat what you like and try to balance it the best you can. Don't think in terms of absolutes, but in terms of balance. But be honest. Don't go telling yourself that deep fried full fat ice cream is what "works for you" on a daily basis.
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What would be "wrong" with corn? I don't personally eat much popcorn 'cause it sticks in my teeth/gums but I do like to grill corn on the cob once in a while. I just pick out the silk, kinda re-wrap the husk on and toss 'em on the grill--turn every few minutes as necessary. A pat of real butter and yum!

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I eat microwave popcorn that comes in bags of 100 calories each. Sometimes, I'll even have two bags, but having to make the second bag in the microwave makes me think twice about whether it worth the effort.

I've noticed that there are some transfats (not much, but some) in the microwave popcorn I use. That makes it worth using the oil to pop the stuff on the stove rather than use the microwave. The calorie portions make it worth the trade-off for me.

I found out that popcorn is considered a whole-grain. Makes it sound healthier!

I pop the corn, then sprinkle it with a combination of Butter Buds (powdered butter with less fat), nutritional yeast flakes from Whole Foods (sold in the bins, usually, at the store), and some dill weed. I don't need to add any more salt than what's in the Buds. It tastes great to me - nutty, buttery with just a hint of dill.

Is it good for you? I'd say it's not bad for you. If it fits in your calories for the day, it's great.
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Air popped popcorn has become my one go to snack. I eat it without salt or butter and buy the white corn variety. The white corn has less hulls and tastes much better. It costs less too because a bag for around $2 last a couple of weeks. After a while you don't miss the salt and butter. Its bland at first but it is much healthier. If you really want something to crunch on this really satisfies my snack fix. As far as the corn, I limit how much I eat because it really has no nutritional value. If I eat corn, I always eat some other vegetable with it. Other than that I think its fine to eat but does have more calories than a lot of other vegetables so watch how much you eat.
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I dont know if this has been mentioned as I didnt read all of the replies but a way to make it just a wee bit better and actually taste 10 times better is olive oil. I eat this all of the time, even when I wasn't eating healthy I would eat it as it tastes so darn good!

Olive Oil Popcorn - Recipes - Food Network Canada
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Corn is actually a starch. For a more healty snack, purchase the popping corn that you CAN pop on the stove. However, for super healthy snack, place 1/8 cup of kernals in a paper lunch sack fold over the top 2 times (as if you were gonna carry it around...) place it in microwave for about 1-2 minutes. It is a single serving size, has only about 60 calories, but that 1/8 cup pops almost 2.5 CUPS of pop corn! Top it with things like: seasoned salt, garlic pepper, or my favorite way is to put about 1 table spoon chocolate chips in a cheese grater and grate it over the warm pop corn, then if you want the sweet n salty, just add a little salt too. Or try some of the ice cream sprinkles that are available like toffee and the likes. Just remeber! All in moderation!

As always, use care and never leave your microwave while popping corn. Listen for the slow down of "pop's" and have at it. Super easy to keep in a desk drawer at work too.

Hope this helps!
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