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Jerrymcknight 04-17-2011 05:40 AM

Having a hard time getting my pant. acid and potassium with diet.
I've never even heard of pant acid until I made a profile here on FD. None of the foods I eat have it on the nutrition label. I googled it and read that pant acid can be found in many foods so I'm guessing I have my daily reccomended amount just by eating what I eat. If im wrong please help me out.

Kathy13118 04-17-2011 03:43 PM

You can produce reports in fitday that show whether you are getting enough of all the nutrients. For some reason, my pantothenic acid always came up short so I started taking a multiple vitamin that contained a modest amount of the stuff. As for potassium, are you adding coffee (if that's what you drink); it has potassium. Fruits and vegetables have potassium, too, but coffee is a surprising source.

RunbikeSki 04-19-2011 11:42 PM

I think your surmise is correct. Most RDA charts on packages do not list Panth. and often potassium is missing as well, so it is kinda hard to add it into your custom foods and I am guessing the it is missing in many of the foods found in the FitDay library.

So I tend to ignore these 2 nutrients and assume, as you suggest, that I am getting enough from my normal eating habits plus a multivitamin.

Bzilla27 04-22-2011 03:15 PM

Potassium in coffee?
I drink Folgers dark roast coffee... not instant, however I can't find anywhere that says the amount of potassium in it... although I did find It has calories... aww.

How much potassium is in coffee? Where can I find that, I didn't know that :D

Also, I was going to say, about the potassium, I buy the suppliment, its only 99mg of potassium per pill, but I take like ten with meals or water throughout the day unless I get It from foods. Potatoes have a TON of potassium, for a 149g nlea serving of an idaho potato there is about 660mg of potassium... also raisins are high in it also, however, these are either carbs, sugars, or high on the glycemic index, which wont fill you up for longer than a minute which frustrates me. That's why I go for the pills. No calories.

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