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shibaluvr 03-14-2011 02:49 PM

Losing weight with fish
I am having good success with weightloss this time around. I have switched out eating beef, pork and chicken with eating all different types of fish. Fish is cheaper than deli meats and beef these days.

I have discovered the tuna pouches that are flavored now. They do not have added fat and calories and are quick and easy to measure into the diet. Eating sweet and spicy tuna in lettuce wraps with some carrots and pepper strips on the side to dip in a little hummus makes a great lunch. Lots of flavor, good omega three low fat protein.

Tilapia is cheap and very easy to make. It can be made in the microwave in a matter of minutes. My twelve year old loves this fish. What I do is brush it with fat-free diet salad dressing. The cooking makes it a nice sauce and he asks me to make this for him. Baked, microwaved or in a pan on the stove, it's quick, low fact and easy. Very calorie friendly.

Scallops are everywhere now. The sea scallops are sweet, dense and three or four make a filling meal. I cook them simply and put a little lemon-pepper seasoning on them. Eat them with brown rice or this stuff called zany grains which I love.

Salmon is my least favorite, but when I'm hungry, I eat it knowing I'm doing something healthy for myself. Making a baked potato in the microwave, mashing it up, adding shredded carrots, onions to this with flaked salmon canned or fresh plus some lemon pepper makes a tasty salmon patty. If it doesn't hold together, then just call it salmon hash.

I buy what is on sale at the store. Even canned oysters are inexpensive. I was raised on oyster stew and I make a low-fat version with skim milk, celery and onion and the oysters. If I must have the floating butter in it, I use Smart Balance.

When I'm not eating fish, I eat the Omega three eggs, turkey or occasional bison.

I have a life long struggle with weight and get tired of dieting like anybody else. When this happens, I just tell myself that I'm getting too fixated on what I'm eating, it's just a meal and stop whining about it. Potato chips got me here having to do this, and they will not be part of the solution.

Keep at it everyone. We're here to save our lives. Processed food is not our friend.


mecompco 03-14-2011 03:15 PM

Great post--I love fish. How about some grilled tuna steaks? Yum! Salmon is nice on the grill, too. I don't particularly care for shark, however.

I buy frozen fillets and use them in FlatOut wraps which makes a quick, high protein meal. I also make tuna sandwiches at least once a week (reduced fat Helman's Mayo and a tbsp of sweet relish).

Scallops are a nice idea--I do like them (especially wrapped in bacon!)


beccafries 03-16-2011 11:29 AM

mmmmm I love scallops.....I saw they have the tilapia/salmon in the individual pouches u just put in the microwave and steam... I wanna give them
a try!!

Blurp 06-12-2011 03:38 PM

Salmon pouches
* Baked Salmon/Asparagus pouch

Take approx 7oz raw serving remove pin bones, and add S&P to taste

Then add the following in layers:

1/2 TBLS butter in 2 pats on fish
4-6 Whole(*NON PAREIL capers) optional, but adds flavor with the dill
3 sprigs of fresh dill
3 - 5" pieces of fresh asparagus spears.

place on foil sheet and fold ends to make a foil pouch...poke pea size hole in pouch to let steam escape and place on low profile baking sheet....bake 30mins at 375 degrees.

I'm doing Atkins, so for the low carb eaters per serving... We drink the juices if any to get the fat from the butter.

Using Salmon or Steelhead *per serving
1.6 carbs, .8 Fiber = .8 Net carbs.

Add a salad for a great lunch or dinner menu.

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