Trigger foods and substitutions

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Once a week, I have a treat. I eat a meal that I put in fitday. It's easy to recall all of the meal from 'recent foods' because I have it once a week and I have the same meal every single week! I don't vary it one iota. It's all the carby, fatty, salty stuff I love on one plate. I trim a little bit (on the sauces) but not much.

The rest of the week, I don't treat. There are no surprises. Even if we eat in a restaurant on another night, I eat carefully, then. Broccoli. Seafood. Light dressing on a salad.

But that one night when I have my treat meal, my classic treat meal, it's always the same meal. Whenever I think I'm 'deprived' on my diet, I remember that. The day of the week comes, I have that meal, and I know that I CAN have that. It's already been figured into my fitday food log. It's not going to be repeated. There are not going to be other 'treats' - oh, wait, yeah, sure, there will be, when that next day of the week comes around.

This kind of compulsive 'treat' night puts my diet in perspective. First of all, I'm eating x,y, and z. Always the same amount, the same night, but, hey, I'm eating x,y, and z, aren't I? It hasn't blown my diet apart yet. I never blame a quarter of a pound gain on that meal. I blame it on the peanut butter I've started to slather on bread for a PB&J!

I won't give up the x,y,and z treat on that one weekly trip to a certain restaurant. It doesn't add up to even 900 calories, total, for the meal. In the context of the rest of my eating, it's wildly extravagant. Yet, it works for me because it keeps me on my diet.

The message of WW: there are no foods you have to give up. You have to learn moderation in order to live with a healthier, slimmer body. My one night a week treat is my solution to feeling deprived or that I can't bear to never eat x,y, and z again!
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My trigger foods are anything salty, chips, peanuts, etc. Even crackers I can't stop eating. So I have to keep these out of my house for the most part. There is no eating in moderation when I have a big bag laying around. When I have a craving for chips I buy the smallest bag of baked chips and work into my daily calories. Sometimes I will eat pretzels but limit to 2 or 3 rods. I can't keep track of the rings or sticks. LOL Unfortunately I have been doing this a lot so I need to back off the salt for a while. The water weight from extra salt is messing with my diet.
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Smile Sugar and Carbs

For me it's definitely sugar and carbs.

but i have been reading a lot of nutrition books lately and I took a nutrition class last year, and the best way to get over sugar/carb cravings is to start eating more protein. so that's what I'm trying to do.

I love Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, I can't have just one.
Also last week I pigged out on a couple small pizza's : ( I quickly gained unwanted pounds!

Today my mom brought donuts and I had both that she brought.

I'm really trying to eat better but everytime I try, something comes up. but I start new everyday. : )
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