Recipe Analysis?

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Default Recipe Analysis?

Is it possible to do that on this board?
I see where you can "Create a Custom Food", but that only allows you to figure out the numbers by 1 serving.
As an example...If I am cooking for a diabetic and make a pot of Chili, I'd like to know the values for the whole recipe, divided by the number of servings...
Is that possible here? Or do you know of one that is?
FitDay has absolutely the best Food Library going, so it would be great if I could do that here.

Thanks, Cinder
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Hola, if you do a Google search for "recipe calorie calculator," a whole slew of sites will come up that do just what you've described.

There's one in particular I like, but I'm wary of seeming as if I'm promoting a different site, so I'll leave it at your discretion.

Alternately, you can put in all the ingredients in FitDay as a custom food, and then get the total nutrient values. Now, this will default as "one serving," but if you know that the total recipe will make 8 servings, then you could enter ".125" in order to get the info for one serving. I'll be the first one to say that that's rather cumbersome, but it is one way of doing it.

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Thanks for your reply!
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Cinder, I do my recipe analysis on FitDay by simply advancing to the next day's empty food log. I enter all the ingredients, and divide by the weight or the measurement of the serving size, enter those numbers as a custom food and delete what I entered for the ingredients. Then I return to the current day. Works great for me.
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I got this link from another thread, but I'll throw it up here:

Link removed

You'll have to sign up for the website in order to save the information, but you can enter all ingredients (or as close to them as you can get) and divide by the number of servings to get detailed information per serving -- and then enter that as a food. For instance, as a custom food I have a turkey chili recipe that I have entered as "Slow-cook turkey chili incl. beans, vegetables meat" -- I calculated the info of all ingredients per serving on that website, and now I have a serving of the whole shebang as a custom food instead of having to enter all ingredients over and over again (I hope that makes sense!). If I add anything to the chili (like today I added a handful of mozzarella cheese with it for lunch) I will just enter the "base" custom food recipe and then the amount of cheese separately.

If you have a recipe you make pretty much the same way every time, it works out well!

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