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Lyndy27 10-28-2010 04:28 PM

HCG Recipes
I need some new HCG recipes. If anyone has any besides the ones in the books, please let me know. I also would like to know where I can find a no carb, no calorie, no fat, & no sugar salad dressing. I've already tried Walden Farms, but I don't like sweet salad dressing. Thanks :)

berrylicious4444 11-19-2010 03:00 AM

hcg recipes
hi, i just finished phase 2 of the hcg diet and am on my day 2 of phase 3 , looooove all the food choices now, what phase were you needing recipes for? i have quite a few, usually what i would do is search it on you tube and also if you look up on you tube atkins recipes we can usually have those too, i just finished eating coconut flour crepes with strawberries and whipped creme it was so yummy :)

berrylicious4444 11-19-2010 03:02 AM

salad dressing
i couldnt for the life of me find any dressings in the store that we were allowed so i just made mine, id put lemon juice, garlic, little salt and pepper, apple cider vinager, and sometimes grated ginger, it was pretty yummy

Lyndy27 03-09-2012 03:56 PM

HCG phase 1
I am on phase 1, and need some new recipes and salad dressing recipes. I just can not hardly eat salad without some kind of fat on it. It tastes like I'm chewing rubber. Spring's around the corner, and I'll have a lot of homegrown tomatoes to eat, which I could live on! :D

Tutsbear 04-12-2012 11:41 PM

Lyndy I tried the Walden Farms dressing also and I really didn't care for them either because they are way too sweet! But I have heard that the chipoltle ranch flavor is pretty good (haven't tried it tho). This sounds bad but if you add a lot of salt to the dressing it tones down the sweet taste, that's what I've been doing.
As far as recipes there are a lot of things that you can do to make your life more bearable on the diet.

One thing I did was make my own taco seasoning. It's really easy and you can find recipes online. I literally cook chicken, beef, everything with it.
I try to make my meals as easily as I can, I don't get to eat a lot so I don't like to put a ton of time into a meal.

On another forum I saw some information about making homemade applesauce, so I'm going to try that also and see if it works. You can also have tabasco products on the diet. They make a pretty yummy buffalo sauce in addition to their normal stuff so you can make kind of like hot wings.
I also will grind up the grissini or melba toast and coat chicken in it like a breading and bake it, that tastes good as well.

I have about 20 days left on my diet and I keep coming up with new stuff because it is easy to get burned out on certain foods. One thing I do to keep myself from getting burned out is to alternate the types of meat I eat. Like I'll buy a big package of lean ground beef and eat that till its gone. Then I'll eat like a week of deli turkey meat, then I'll eat a bag of frozen chicken, then I switch to ground turkey, and then back to beef. That way just when I'm about tired of one food I switch to another.
I don't eat white fish anymore though, I burned myself out last time. Also I do not mix my vegetables, I alternate those like the meat.

If I think of anything else I'll comment on here again. I have never tried one of the recipes that they give you with the diet...

brittany1237 06-11-2012 08:10 PM

New here
2boiled eggs
1 banana
cup of tea (no sugar)


green salad and water
I'm also on a 500 aday calorie without the hcg.

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