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I am a ballet dancer, so I have to stay thin. I am currently 100 lbs, but would like to be 95-96. I am having a very hard time losing weight. I am a very good eater 9I love food), consuming around 1,400 calories a day. I like to snack in between my meals, however. I tend to have 3 larger meals with small snacks (like lower calorie protein bars or a piece of fruit) in between, otherwise I get hungry.
I am frustrated with my constant hunger, and I am frustrated that I cannot lose weight.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can lose weight, or change my eating habits to fit my weight loss goals?

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First things first, I'm hoping you are really short if you want to get below 100 pounds...I'm aiming for 118 and that's the bottom of the healthy BMI range for me at 5'7"....

When you are light already one issue is that you burn so few calories in a day (I need to be at 1200 to lose, and then it is slow), however I would think you burn more if you are actively dancing most days? Losing 4 pounds isn't any more of a magical process than losing 20 - it just takes less time. You still have to count how much you burn and how much you eat and make sure you accumulate a calorie deficit.

Good luck!
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hun, I recommend you to eat 6 high protein meals with equal calories. Since you are an athlete, it will be hard to manage hunger without high protein. Try for 225 calories per meal, and your body weight in protein grams per day. I suspect you are eating well, but not enough protein and this change will help you a lot.

Keep fat to a minimum and I recommend a fat supplement instead of eating fat. UDO Erasmus makes a very good one to be found at health food stores. Also take high quality b vitamins supplements because you won't be getting enough carbs to provide what you need. I like twin labs.

good luck!
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What is your % of protein to calories? I would recommend it be in the 30-40% range since you are active. Your constant hunger may be because you don't have enough fat in your diet. Fat has been shown to have a satiating effect on hunger. That is why I will have a snack of 10 unroasted almonds to quell my cravings. Unlike Coastalclass, I believe eating fat has other benefits (psychological) over taking your fat as a pill.

You might also consider trading a protein shake for your protein bar to further reduce calories while maintaining your protein intake.
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To correct any misunderstandings, i did not recommend taking fat supplements in a pill. On the contrary, I recommend taking the supplement as an oil. The benefit is that the oil is the proper kind and protected in transit, properly packaged, so it is fresh and provides high quality essential fat.

I add my oil supplement to my food, which adds richness and smoothness.
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