Protein recommendations?

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Default Protein packed foods

Hey everybody! Iím looking for some protein packed foods. I dont really want to use protein shakes and powders. I know lean meats like chicken are packed, but I still need more protein. Any recomendations of food or recipes? Also any low carb high protein foods.

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I guess the usual suspects--lean beef, fish and fowl. I particularly enjoy a breakfast of a couple eggs (from my chickens) and 3 oz. of lean beef.

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I ate 4 cups of Non-fat Plain Greek Yogurt yesterday, with a packet of Crystal Light (flavored low-calorie drink powder) for flavor. It tasted good and gave me a lot of protein, without adding too many calories.
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Soynuts and soybeans (edamame) have a lot of protein.
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Def. greek yogurt. I get a few brands that have low fat,9gm of carbs and 23 gm of protien. I mix that with some protien powder and stevia-much like pudding.
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Eggs, canned tuna, Turkey, Chicken, Lean Beef and Pork. Dairy like yogurt and greek yogurt, cottage cheese.
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Tried some firm tofu from my local Asian foodstore (Super 88 in the metro Boston area) yesterday. Needs something extra for flavor (my genius wife puts it in a spicy soup), but at a booming 25g protein per 3 oz serving, I haven't found anything else as protein-rich...
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There is a brand of Greek yogurt called chiobani. I is plain Greek yogurt with blueberries in it. It is delicious and doesn't need any sugar at all. It is also great in a smoothie with a little milk some frozen strawberries and low cal sweetener or sugar! Also delicious.
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When I lived in the states, I went to Costco, and they had these cans of salmon that were like a 6 pack for really an inexpensive price, it may have been 8 or 8.99 for the six of them.

It was wild salmon and had all the omegas, I believe.

Better than that it was delicious.
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