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collegefbfan8898 07-30-2010 03:24 AM

WOW! What Motivation...
Check this crap out. Wife goes to the store yesterday and comes home and says I brought you a treat. A damn Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (times 2). I mean what in the world? She knows I am doing this change thing.

Man, what gives?

Oh yeah, I did not eat them.

01gt4.6 07-30-2010 04:10 AM

Originally Posted by collegefbfan8898 (Post 17169)
Check this crap out. Wife goes to the store yesterday and comes home and says I brought you a treat. A damn Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (times 2). I mean what in the world? She knows I am doing this change thing.

Man, what gives?

Oh yeah, I did not eat them.

send it to me, I'll take care of it for you.:D

fletch8502 07-30-2010 11:37 AM

Great job! Don't you feel good about your choice? Now give them to someone else, throw them in the garbage disposal, or pour something toxic on them so you don't give in later... =) And tell your wife to bring you an apple next time! =)

nottango 07-30-2010 11:38 AM

Expect that kind of thing to happen a lot, especially if you are losing weight quickly. Do NOT blame anyone for trying to sabotage all your efforts. It's natural human behavior (and fascinating) to try to change you into the image of you (overwight) that they know and love.

collegefbfan8898 07-30-2010 12:18 PM

Yeh, I just didn't eat it. The crazy thing is I haven't craved a lot of that crap since I gave it up. No burgers, no fast food, except Subway (which is a better choice). Also, I had my cheat meal yesterday. The Chinese Buffet, but I did pretty good. No deep fried foods. Tons of broccoli, sauteed green beans, chicken skewers done on a rotisserie, and fruit. I know the sauces are pretty bad for you, but it was a cheat. I used to never eat veggies there, so I kind of evened it out.

I tell you, though, I paid for it later. Either body wasn't used to it, or the major amount of fiber kicked in OR BOTH.

It is good to be regular!

almeeker 07-30-2010 03:25 PM

Believe me it could be worse... We have a 7 year old DD, who is skinnier than a pole bean. She's my biggest saboteur, not only would she bring me the peanut butter cups, but she would unwrap them and when I opened up to say "no thank you", she would stuff one in my mouth. It's one thing to say "No thanks" to candy in a package, it's a whole 'nother ball of yarn to spit out chocolate when you haven't had so much as a lick of it since New Year's Day.

Luckygir15 07-30-2010 03:46 PM

If it makes you feel any better, this week my boyfriend begged me to eat his leftover potato a few days ago and his leftover pizza last night. I said no a few times, and he finally convinced me to eat them.

I'm regretting it. Only lost .4 pounds this week. He knows I'm trying to eat better, and still insists that I eat these foods even when i don't need to!

Very frustrating. My fault though, I need to stand up to him and JUST NOT EAT IT!!!

midwestj 07-30-2010 07:15 PM

You will definitely get this a lot. People will tell you how proud they are of what you are doing and your sacrifices and immediately then ask you to go get ice cream with them. They just don't want to feel uncomfortable indulging around someone with such strong self control.

wannabefitgrl 07-30-2010 08:15 PM

Agreed. My best friend can't even bring herself to tell me that I look great (probably because she has gained almost 30 pounds in the same time that I've lost about 60). Oh well.

In the self control department, I've been having a tough week or two. I feel hungry constantly and for all the bad things I shouldn't eat (tortilla chips and chocolate and just dessert in general). I've been looking at dessert recipies almost nonstop this last week. I haven't made anything, haven't even bought the ingredients to be able to, haven't even made the things with ingredients I have on hand anyway, but man do I want to! I'm afriad I'll be set up for failure this weekend since I'm going home for a family get together and there is guaranteed to be lots of heavy starches, butter, and chocolate desserts. I think my only game plan is to bring chocolate merengie cookies (40ish cals a piece) so I can have a little dessert and then immediately start chewing a piece of gum to keep from snacking. Good luck to me on that!

collegefbfan8898 07-30-2010 09:10 PM

I know the feeling. We are going on vacation Monday. Me, wife, two kids, and wife's parents. MAJOR FAILURE AHEAD. One night is pizza, one is a steakhouse or seafood, and every morning is either gravy and biscuits or pancakes (not whole wheat flour). They pack the whole room with cookies, crackers, snack cakes, etc. I feel like getting a big "NO THANK YOU" tattooed on my hand so to say that each time they say have another piece of pizza or is that all the gravy you're gonna have. These folks get offended very easily.

I am going to do my best not to bend too much. Hell, I really feel like not even eating when I get down there.

OH, the dangers.

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