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Default dinner recipes

i need some new ideas for dinner. i have a picky 9 yr old eater, but trying to set healthy habits now so hopefully he doesnt have to fight being overweight. anyone have any easy and healthy ideas? or do you know of any websites that offer recipes without 20 ingredients involved?
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Default Dinner ideas for a picky eater

Here are just a few suggestions:

bean burritos (flour or corn tortilla/canned refried beans/grated cheese)
stuffed pasta shells w/meat and marinara
breakfast for dinner eggs/bacon/toast/fruit
macaroni and cheese
cheese burger (home made)
grilled cheese sandwich w/tomatoe or vegetable soup
tuna salad w/whole wheat crackers
stuffed eggs w/dinner rolls and fruit
muffin and yogurt (use a recipe that incorporates pureed vegetables in the muffin dough)
tuna-noodle caserole
clam chowder
bean soup w/corn muffins
spinach/egg/bacon sandwich
French toast topped with peanut butter

I used to scramble hamburger in a skillet, with salt, dash of pepper, and a bit of diced onion. When the meat was browned I added a small can of tomatoe sauce and cooked it until the sauce thickened. My kids LOVED this. I served it with baked potatoe, salad, and some kind of vegetable. As the kids got older I began adding vegetables to it. I'd add corn, green beans, or frozen mixed vegetables. I never insisted that my kids eat everything on their plates, but they did have to taste everything, and eat what appealed to them. I figured if I, as an adult, don't like everything I'm served why should I insist that my kids eat everything, whether or not they like it...

Another thought, as long as you have kids at home it's okay not to feel you absolutely MUST have a traditional dinner of meat/starch/vegetable. You have to present whatever it is that they'll eat, and incorporate fruit and vegetables into soups, salads, muffins, etc... You can go on the internet and search for kid-friendly recipes, and recipes that incorporate vegetables into dishes so that they're "hidden" from the kids.

here are just a few suggestions. Hope this helps.
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Having a child who is on a specific diet is really trying sometimes. I am writing a cook book for children with enterocolitis and there are so many foods that I have been making interesting for her. I have very simple recipies that taste good and it seems to work. I add corn to her four bean chili, and things like that. She ate all the mushrooms out of the brussels sprouts and she refuses to eat pasta without mushrooms. She likes peas in "Bister" a marinara sauce my mom taught me to make. We will add canned vegetables to salads.

There are a lot of cookbooks online for kids foods. There are some really neat tips. If you figure out a weekly menu and then go shopping it really helps to make sure that there are some vegetables on hand.

I hope this helps.
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I am making dinner for my picky granddaughter tomorrow. I am planning on making Chicken tenderloins, dipped in buttermilk, then cracker crumbs and fried in olive oil, with a side of baked sweet potato fries. We'll see how it goes, my husband and I will love it. Emily will be the real test.
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Hello! I am also a picky eater, and have found many websites that offer good healthy recipes. Hopefully they can work for you and your family.
The websites I have had the best success with are: (they have chicken and spinach calzones to die for!) (then click on the healthy section)

Hope this helps!
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