Protein Shakes/Smoothies Recipes

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Personally, I don't buy the many small meals = higher metabolism thing, but a protein shake is a great way to tide you over if you're really hungry! It fills you up and if you make it at home, you can really control how much sugar/fiber goes into it.
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Thanks Guys for your input
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For simple protein: mix together whey (Bob's Red Mill Whey, buy it on Amazon or at Whole Foods), egg whites (get them from your supermarket dairy case), some Splenda if you need it, Juice if you have to have a certain flavor (I just use plain, cold brewed coffee, and maybe a little bit of yogurt if you like a tangy taste.

So easy with a hand blender (stick blender) and it takes all of 5 minutes. Make a lot and keep it in the fridge. Make a little and have it fresh every time. Add berries and it's like a delicious shake.
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Default protein products

Kathy, that sounds yummy!

Soon2bkimk, if you don't have the time or inclination to make a shake at home, I have grown to really like the Muscle milk lite products. They are 100 cal, 3g fat, 5g carb (which includes 2g fiber), and 15g protein. They work well as an afternoon snack or a midmorning pick-me-up. All of the prepared shakes can get a little pricey, so I tend to keep an eye out for sales and then stock up.

The other treat I have grown fond of to keep the protein consumption up is jerky. I wasn't much of a fan before I got so fastidious about my diet, but at very little fat or carbohydrate, an oz or 2 seems to keep my tummy occupied for several hours allowing me to resist the afternoon munchies.
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Default Yogurt smoothie

Plain (or vanilla) yogurt, frozen fruit and a splash of milk put in a blender to the consistentcy you want. Add banana or mandarin oranges for more sweetness.
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I can tell you that I tried the Walmart whey (both chocolate and vanilla) and they don't taste good. I usually make my shakes using greek yogurt, yummy!
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I would first determine why you want a good protein shake.

There are different types of proteins and they each are little more suited for one application than another. The two most popular are whey and casein.

Whey is a faster digesting protein and would be really good in post workout protein shake.

Casein is slower digesting protein that might be better for meal replacement. However, this is also a more expensive option and although things have change a lot over the years it used to be harder to get.

For a general all purpose protein powder you might consider a whey and casein blend.

Once you determined what "type" of protein powder you want it is just a matter of trying out which brand taste best to you.
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Originally Posted by soon2bkimk
I am trying to find a decent protein shake to have on hand. Is there anything in particular that I should be looking for? I'm not an athlete or anything, so what would be a good amount to have? Help please!

I think the first thing we need to know is what are your goals? Are you trying to lose weight? Tone up? Bulk up?

There are many different kinds of protein out there I generally stick to a lower carb version when I am trying to cut and a higher carb higher calorie option when trying to bulk.

That being said I use Syngex by VPX when I am trying to cut weight. It is only 130 cal per serving and gives you 20 g of protein and only 4 g of fat and 3 g of carbs. This is a very good option if you are cutting but still want a quality protein supp. I have tried both cookies and cream and chocolate and they both taste great.

If you are looking to bulk I have been using IDS smart gainer and it seems to work pretty well.

Good luck and I hope this helps.
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Default Product

My naturopath wants me to use a protein powder in my morning meals to up my protein for the day. Leads to less fatigue and usually is more filling in the morning.

I had purchased a few small samples but they all taste pretty yeasty(?) to me. The best one I have tried so far is the Sisu French Vanilla, but I can only really mix it with a few things. Any brand suggestions? I like to stick with Soy or Whey if possible. Also trying to loose weight in a healthy way for my wedding next year so thats a plus as well.
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yaaaaa I am BIG FAN of protein. Whey protein to be exact. It fills you up so much that you really have to try to go over your calorie limit. In other words you will not get hungry as OFTEN. I am normally extremely busy and I always have my protein with me, so if i do get hungry and I havent had time to eat, I will just pour it in my mixing cup, add water and I am good to go for a few hours.

Although a lot of people recommend it for the gym (I do too, as I train about four days a week, cardio about 5-6 days) you can still take it if u just want to up your protein intake quickly. A good quality whey protein should have 23 grams of protein in about 120 calories. That's good protein for so few calories!!!! So yes, definitely recommend. For someone who muscle trains more days of the week, I have about three servings throughout the day. It also goes great with my high protein, low carb lifestyle, and I am beginning to see my six packs while feelings so full!!! so it definitely works for me, and I love it....hahaha you can tell by my rant how passionate I am about it.

Note: everyone is different, some prefer casein to whey, if u are lactose intolerant you probably DO NOT WANT whey, unless its the isolate form. There are even vegetable based protein powders. So by all means, if budget allows, try different kinds, but for me personally, I stand by whey!
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