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amethistshines 02-13-2015 07:59 PM

Raw Til 4 HCLF Vegan
Have been working on this lifestyle for 2 years with lots of ups and downs. I notice if I eat processed foods and salt the weight comes on and feel like crap. I do feel great with mostly eating raw fruits and veggies. I do cave into eating what I call bad foods (chips, processed food, meat, cheese, eggs) and feel gross after eating that way. My body thrives on fruits and veggies. My big reason for moving away from the SAD diet is major cholesterol problems and ending up with pancreatitis 2 times in my life.
Who else here is working on a Raw til 4 HCLF vegan lifestyle?


rinnnatajacc14 04-14-2015 11:55 AM

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wannabefitgrl 05-03-2015 02:45 PM

Hey there Amethist! While I don't always adhere to the raw till 4 lifestyle, I am vegan! Over the years, I'd slowly transitioned to a healthier diet and lifestyle, so veganism became my logical next step. I too feel best on fruits and veggies, and clean starches like potatoes, rice, etc. The last year, I was on-again/off-again vegan as I struggled with sticking to it. I should mention that eating vegan is really easy and can be so simple, but it does require meal planning and a firm resolve to not stray no matter how much friends or family are pushing you back toward SAD.

These days I keep my fruit stash well stocked (I even have my husband eating more fruits!). Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner and is probably 80% cooked and 20% raw. Dinner is a huge salad and then something else (if I'm still hungry after the salad). It's finally warming up in my part of the world, so sometimes I just have a big bowl of banana ice cream for dinner! Gosh I've missed that stuff (way to cold in the winter to eat it).

Just stick to your guns. Even I admit that I feel best eating vegan but would stray back to SAD foods because I thought I liked them. My taste buds are definitely changing because most of that stuff doesn't appeal to me anymore, plus I have to remind myself of how crappy they make me feel. When I'm eating vegan, getting enough sleep, and exercising plenty, I feel like I could take on the world! Remember to think ahead to regular meal times and pack snacks if you don't think you'll have vegan options available.

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