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1992Leigh1992 03-24-2014 04:36 AM

Dry Kidney Beans
I really like websites which inclide the nutritional information of recipes. On theae sites I have been searching recipes which use dry kidney beans but can only find recipes using already cooked ones.

So I am looking for dinner recipes from dried beans with the nutritional information included. I have made tacos/ tortillas before with them and would like to try something different. So if anyone has any recipes, please let me know.
I have already started soaking a cup of dry beans.

Other ingredients I have include spices, veggie stock, canned tomatos, brocoli, carrot, sweet potato, eggs, tomato paste and an indian curry mix. And onion, garlic, capsicum (bell pepper), pasta, rice and cous cous. There are lots of soup and curry recipes that use but they all use canned beans. I am aiming for something high protein and under 400 cals if possible.

Kathy13118 03-24-2014 05:07 AM

You can cook the kidney beans alone - then use the cooked kidney beans in the recipes that specify cooked beans.

The reason I say that is because it's difficult to cook the dry beans, even after soaking, in anything but very long cooking stews. The other ingredients have to cook along with the beans and that is usually a long time. It depends on how many beans you are using, but kidney beans take a while! On the other hand, cooking them, and using x amount of cooked beans, is easy - especially if you have them cooked and refrigerated, waiting to be used.

Kidney beans are high in protein but they also have a good amount of calories. You can make a salad with other fresh veggies and mix with a little oil and vinegar. I like them with walnuts but walnuts are pretty caloric, too. So, the 400 calorie limit means smaller portions.

01gt4.6 03-24-2014 03:25 PM

hmmmm I can tell you how to cook dry kidney beans... aka red beans and rice down here in New Orleans, but I don't have the nutritional info. Just let me know if you want to know how to cook them.;)

calicafe 05-17-2014 11:49 AM

I will inform you the best way to make dried out kidney coffee beans... also called reddish colored coffee beans in addition to rice along here in Brand new Orleans, however I will not have this nutritional facts. Just i want to know if you need to understand how to make them.

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