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Dad_in_FL 07-04-2013 03:26 PM

New User Interface (Web version) ??
For a brief moment, maybe 2 minutes, when I first logged in today the entire user interface on the website changed. It's hard to describe - more "window oriented" with lots of tabs. Some of the tabs were for functions I've never seen on the website (a journal, for example). I even recorded some of my food from breakfast using what seemed like a little more of a "spreadsheet" type feel. I was just thinking "if this is some major new version, I am not sure I am liking it". But then I logged out and logged back in and the site looks just the way I've seen it since joining last week.

Anyone else see that, or have any idea why I was seeing it?

Just curious.

<<EDITED: I realized I was seeing the "Classic" view, instead of the Fitday 2.0 view. Just momentarily, for some odd reason. Sorry for the thread. >>

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