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Alexnader 08-13-2012 11:41 AM

FitDay Website Memory Leak/Crash
I haven't been using the website much and I've only just started focusing more on my diet. Yesterday I could search for and add foods to my journal with no issues, however today when I go the food section of today's log my browser will start using upwards of 1 gig of ram within a few seconds, only stopping when there's no more ram available. Needless to say the website becomes non-functional. I had a bit of fun refreshing the page in Opera and watching the memory usage in the task manager drop and then spike once the page was loaded.

This has happened with the latest version of Opera, IE and Chrome. Chrome just kills the tab before the memory usage spikes to insane levels.

I'm a non-premium member so I also have to load the advertisements.

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