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Gerrich61 11-01-2011 09:35 AM

Fitday calender problem
I have a problem with the drop down calender in the upper right corner of the logs. The bottom row of the calender, that is the last week of the month, is covered by the today's date: e.g. "Today dd/mm/yy." I cannot access any of the days underneath the today's date. For example, for November, the dates along the bottom are Nov 27 to Dec 3. They are all covered by today's date, and I cannot get them to open when I click on them. This is a problems because I work until 11pm at night, and I often do not fill out my logs until after midnight. Thus, I need to access the day before.

I tried contacting support, but they just told me to try to access the mini calender in the upper right hand corner. Not much help.

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