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emgidcumb 06-14-2011 02:19 PM

Customize Calories Burned
I use, not the PC software. But, I am participating in a weight loss study so I know that my daily calories burned is around 1900, not 2300 like fitday wants to use for my calorie balance graphs. I updated this on my weight goal tab but it does not show up on the balance graph on the overview tab, so it is kind of inconvenient. Is there any way to fix this?

rpmcduff 06-14-2011 04:03 PM

Click on the 'Activities' tab, on the left side of the page (under Recent Activities) click on 'customize metabolism'. Choose the Custom button and enter the Base metabolic rate you want.

You probably won't be able to just enter 1900 here. Since Fitday wants to automatically add more calories based on your activity level. For example: My custom BMR is 1860 but with an activity level of Sedentary my total BMR is 2263. After you save, check your Weight goal tab to see what Fitday has calculated then repeat the process as necessary.

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