HELP!!! what have I done wrong!!

  • I am a newbie when it comes to using this site, and have to say it looks great and I was very impressed but as I am finding my way round I dont understand what the calorie balance/restriction is saying! I am currently 70kg and would like to lose about 2kg, I do 30mins of cardio a day and the software is saying I should be eating about 534kcal a day! now surely this is wrong!!!

    Please help, I dont want to end up ill!!!
  • not enough info
    When was the date you wanted to reach your goal? If you vary the target date it will change the caloric deficit rate for your desired weight loss.
  • I think I have figured it out, it was to do with the activities I didnt put that I was burning any calories so its looking ok now, thank you for the reply!