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campingshadow 03-26-2018 10:45 PM

How to find lost license
I had to move my Fitday to a new computer and had to enter in the registration key! Since I started using it in 2010 I had no clue where it was. After hunting around, and searching for several days off and on, I finally found out what to do. The answer is so simple, you have to wonder why mods just do not answer the question when it is asked. :(

I contacted Fitday through emails to Feedback and asked a moderator and posted questions....all with no response....I finally found the answer myself. I will save all of you from having to repeat my searching. :(

1. Go to
2. On left side of screen Click on Registration key
3. Enter name and password
* Note: This is your account name and the password used
WHEN YOU SET UP THE ACCOUNT. If you changed it here online it
will NOT be the same as what you set up the PC version using. :confused:
4. It will then show you your registration information.

5. IF you do not remember the password you used when setting up the will have to provide the email address USED WHEN THE ACCOUNT WAS SET UP. And they will send the password change email to you.

6. Also note: The user name on the online Fitday is NOT the name you enter in Fitday PC. There you use your full name!!!!!

There are several other things you can do on that support page. Be sure and bookmark it. They are quite proud of it and like to keep it well hidden. :mad:

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