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Default Total calories off?

Hi all,

I've used Fitday on and off for a while now. Generally I love the ease of use, and the database of foods is huge. But a very basic but important thing for me is the total calories seems to be off by a couple of hundred calories.

1g Fat = 9 calories
1g Protein = 4
1g Carbs = 4

I take my totals at the bottom and multiply them...so I take (total fat x9)+(total protein x4)+(total carbs x4) = about 200 calories less than the fitday estimate of total calories.

Over time this can make a difference.

Anyone else get this or know why?
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I've never checked my totals but I do know I can eat a food that has a certain amount of a nutrient and eat another food that has a different amount of the same nutrient and their totals won't jive. For example, Food X has 40 % of Vit. C and Food B has 30 % of Vit C. Yet my totals will only show 51% Vit C. 40+30= 70, but it only shows 51%--what happened to the other 19%? No one can tell me why this happens either. I've often wondered if that same issue happens on other sites like Fitday, but I don't know of any others to check it out! Vicki
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Both problems - do they occur when you are ONLY using database foods and no custom foods?

I wonder if custom foods have very clear quantities of protein, etc., because you input the values. Whereas, with database foods, there may be fractions involved?

The test case would be ONLY custom foods.
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