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Swiftkidd 12-12-2013 02:55 PM

Where is the water intake & bodyfat percentage tracker

I read in the FitDay PC tab that it has advanced tracking and robust reports enabling it's users to set customized goals like water intake and bodyfat percentage

Advanced Tracking & Robust Reports

Set customized goals like water intake, and track your progress accordingly. A comprehensive set of reports lets you access and analyze personal stats like body fat percent and blood sugar.

01gt4.6 12-12-2013 05:30 PM

I don't use FitDay PC but this may get you going in the right direction...

As far as logging: Click Log>Custom and you can select BF%. In the drop down box you'll see many things you can track, and can even create a custom item.

As far as reports: Click Reports>Custom. Click drop down box and "Click Stats", can select BF% from there.

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