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Jlynn62 11-21-2013 10:45 PM

Another calories not adding up!
I have been searching here and trying to understand why my calories do not total my macros. I have had FitDay PC for a long time and never really added it up. Well, I've been doing that and it can be off up 70 cals. I use a mixture of custom foods and database foods although mostly custom. Do I need to use a "serving" vs a unit such as grams or oz?

For instance:
Beef, ground 90% cooked: 3oz=180cals, 9gr fat, 0gr carbs, 24gr protein. Caloris from the macros are 177 not 180. I have that in my custom foods by the oz, using 3 as the serving (3/1oz servings).

Any help or understanding of this would be appreciated!

Jlynn62 11-22-2013 03:30 AM

As I look at website like calorie king, etc. they all seem to be the same in macros and the calories don't add up right there either. I know some is rounding because it will have 2.6gr of something instead of 3gr. So in my custom foods I will do the math and make the calories the sum of Pro, Carbs, and Fat.

Kathy13118 11-22-2013 06:57 AM

Do I understand the question correctly - are you putting the ground beef in as a custom food? Then you break it down by oz? I haven't done this myself - instead I put in a custom food and in the descrption I state the serving size there.

For example:
Dunkin Donut 1 large glazed is one serving

That's the description when I make up the custom food. With the serving size defined, if I eat half a donut, I put in 0.5 for the quanitity, or 0.33 or whatever fraction I've eaten of that food. It works pretty well.

Cheyne55 12-30-2013 06:16 AM

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